The Fix List: SIMO

To celebrate the release of their fourth album and recent UK dates Nashville rockers SIMO tell us about the songs that they love.

Little Richard - 'The Girl Can't Help It'

"From the opening scenes of the iconic film of the same name, starring the eye popping Jayne Mansfield, This song is Rock N Roll. The very essence of all the came after. Swing, pulse and a killer vocal from the "other" King of Rock... Macon, GA's Little Richard Penniman!!"

King Curtis - 'Memphis Soul Stew'

"From his iconic live album, Live at Fillmore West. This record as a whole is a huge band favorite. King Curtis, in his all too brief life made the tenor sax important in R&B and Rock and Roll. Often he was featured on others records, but here is he is front and center. With a band consisting of Bernard Purdie, Billy Preston, Jerrold Jermont, Cornel Dupree and the Atlantic horns... SICK!! Elements of "Soul Stew" find its way into our improvs all the time!"

The Beach Boys - 'God Only Knows'

Without this, there wouldn't be a SGT PEPPER! Pet Sounds is beyond a band favorite, maybe even more so the aforementioned Pepper.. Everything about this is perfect. Could listen to it endlessly... Makes us peaceful and happy!! What a record!"

Alabama Shakes - 'Hold On'

"As a band, this is the only group that we LOVE with all our hearts, out there right now! They are a perfect band. Everyone has their place and they make a glorious sound together! A band! And Brittany, is incredible. The real thing! This song is what launched them and with good reason. Great arrangement, simple production and a heart wrenching performance; we love the Shakes!"

The Allman Brothers Band - 'Dreams'

"From their first album. This is a beautiful meditation. The perfect drone to go on a ride as a listener. Obviously Duane Allman soared on this one. Its a 7+ minute song that I swear feels like its 3. Beautiful!!"

Aretha Franklin - 'Ain't No Way'

"From her Lady Soul Album. This is a personal favorite. The song and her performance will make you cry, or you're not human. You can also hear Whitney Houston's momma Cissy singing the high background part! Whitney sure sounded like her momma!"

Jimi Hendrix Experience - 'Have You Ever Been to Electric Ladyland'

"There's lots of Jimi tracks that are amazing, but this is sublime. Taking a heavy cue from Curtis Mayfield, this is a gorgeous lilting psychedelic odyssey. Filled with amazing melody and swirling textures. Dig!!"

Clarence Carter - 'Patches'

"This is probably played more than any other song in the group!! Ha ha. Its an amazing song, production and performance. A crown jewel of Muscle Shoals Fame Studio for sure!"

Free - 'Moonshine'

"There's a lot of Free songs we love but this is our favorite. What a performance!! Stellar from all, but Kossoff is otherworldly here. The range of emotion is incredible!"

Paul Butterfield Blues Band - 'East West'

"This song introduced modal improvising to the rock world. Years before The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers and even before Cream, Michael Bloomfield and the rest of the Butter Band blew minds with this modal Indian flavored jam. The album version is tamer than they did live, but it still is amazing how ahead they were as a group. Everyone back in the day had this record and was influenced by it. A somewhat forgotten gem. Hugely influential to us!"

You can catch up on all things SIMO at the their website.

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