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The best Americana trio to come out of Cornwall since, well, ever, William The Conqueror, are comprised of band leader Rurri Joseph, drummer Harry Harding, and bassist Naomi Holmes. To celebrate the release of their second album, Bleeding On The Soundtrack, the band have put together ten of the songs that the love. You can check out their playlist on Spotify.

Cordovas – ‘Standin’ On A Porch’

We stumbled upon these guys in Nashville.  The whole album has been on loop pretty much since but this tune, in particular, has some rad memories attached now.  Great songwriting, savage musicianship.  Love it.

Bill Withers – ‘Sweet Wanomi’

Two chords.  Endless satisfaction!

The Fall – ‘Blindness’

Latecomers to the weird and wonderful world of Mark E. Smith but this might have been the key.  Great driving tune.

David Bowie – ‘Tis A Pity She was A Whore’

Can’t get enough of Mark Guiliana’s drumming.  Match made in heaven with Bowie’s songwriting.

The Meters – ‘Name Up In Lights’

If groove is your thing, pick any Meters tune.  They can do no wrong.

Vulfpeck – ‘Hero Town’

While we’re talking grooves, Vulfpeck are doing well to keep the legacy alive.

Shouting Matches – ‘Heaven Knows’

Justin Vernon has got so much soul kicking around in him, it’s great to hear him away from the intricacies of Bon Iver and strip back to the roots.  Killer vocal.

Pearl Jam – ‘No Way’

From their 1998 Yield album when they still had Jack Irons playing drums, this is a real pumper.  Much as we love Matt Cameron, Jack Irons is our favourite.

The Breeders – ‘Drivin’ On 9′

Some people think Steve Albini’s production overpowers the bands he works with but I can’t imagine a Breeders record without him. Kim Deal has to be one of the most creative songwriters going too. Great combo.

Tom Waits – ‘Big In Japan’

Apparently, the distorted drum loop is actually Waits smashing a set of draws in his barn.  What a way to kick off a Grammy-winning record.

The band are touring the UK throughout April and May, you can see all dates and buy tickets on their website. You can also check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Max Mazonowicz

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

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