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Having just released their second album, Cosmetic, breakneck all-girl rockers Nots have prepped a playlist for us to mark the occasion. Natalie, Meredith, Alexandra, and Charlotte have compiled twelve songs that they've been listening to lately. It's a pretty telling list when it comes to discovering what influences the quartet. Advance warning though, this is the most obscure collection of songs on The Fix List so far.

Suicide - 'Dominic Christ'

I love the relentless beat and rhythm that holds together all six and a half minutes of this song. They tease at a big build, but never let you have it. I can't stop listening to this one. Meredith (bass)

Chrome - 'In a Dream'

This is a song that 100% describes itself in it's title. I don't think I can do much justice trying to add my two cents here. Suffice it say that this one is in motion, that's for sure. Natalie (guitar)

Crisis - 'Afraid'

This song has been playing in my head nonstop, especially the bass line. So simple and so good. Meredith

Dos - 'Mukasan ~ Betpak Dala '

Soviet psych from 1976... A collision of sounds that will take you to the hilltop! Alexandra (synth)

Exxess - 'Walkin' Down The Subway'

The bassline in this is some kind of special funky FIRE! And that subtle but persistent synth over the top of everything reminds me of the movie Scanners or World on a Wire. YES EXXESS! Natalie

ADN'Ckrystall - 'Do Zeu Twist'

A little synth hoedown from France, 1985. Alexandra

Jesse Lanza - 'Going Somewhere'

I love everything Jesse Lanza does. Charlotte (drums)

Paul Butterfly - 'We have got a lot of fun'

Such a sweet melody! Charlotte

X - 'The World's a Mess, It's in My Kiss'

One of my favorite bands of all time. They're never far from my turntable. Meredith

Mau Mau - 'Auf Der Jagd'

German, 1982. From the album KRAFT...I can't get enough of this whole LP, really: Jittery highstrung guitar riffs get hijacked by reverberating vocals, the bass & drums are real tight and the synth parts transpire in surprising ways. Alexandra

Stooges - 'Down On The Street'

Favorite song ever ? Charlotte

Can - 'The Empress and the Ukraine King'

I don't care if you think Can is overrated or oversaturated or whatever other lame opinion you have just because you heard them in that new Netflix series or that movie "Inherent Vice" THIS SONG IS LIKE A BREATH OF COOL AIR. GET OVER IT. YOU LIKE COOL AIR. And this is definitely one of my favorite Can songs. Natalie
This video has been blocked by YouTube. Ooops

The tracks we could actually find on Spotify are included in the playlist below.

And Nots album is streaming here as well as available to buy.

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