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London-based four piece Marine, a band who have drawn comparisons with Kate Bush, Radiohead, and Warpaint, have shared some of their favourite music. Their own music is based on mythology and fables, and their accordingly themed playlist has a story of its own to tell. Curl up and start listening.

Joanna Newsom - 'Go Long'

A treasure trove of lyrics that one can only aspire to: melodic development to keep you well fed into the afterlife!

Regina Spektor - 'Oedipus'

Regina is one of the greatest influences on my ability as a singer to dance around rhythms and melodies with freedom and joy. She, Björk and Billie are my go to gals when I wanna hang out and explore the human voice with playful curiosity.

Regina Spektor - 'Samson '

Just the coolest love song!

CocoRosie - 'Terrible Angels'

A modern fable that still inspires me to write my own, and to be brave and honest as a writer.

If every angel's terrible
Why do you hide inside her?
Like a child in a skirt
The supermarket's loud and bright
Boy, don't she feel warm tonight.

Anaïs Mitchell (feat. Justin Vernon) - 'Wedding Song'

From Anaïs’ folk opera album ‘Hadestown’, this particular song strikes a chord with me. Not just lyrically, but the whole rhythm of the lyrics with the spectacular musical arrangements by Michael Chorney, and the velvety voices of Anaïs’s with Justin Vernon’s makes this a bit of a masterpiece. (And it was also my wedding song.)

Nick Cave - ‘The Lyre of Orpheus'

A wordsmith and poet. This album flings me into another dimension of admiration towards songwriting combined with spectacular production. This song runs through such a plethora of emotions, The Bad Seeds set an eery soundtrack to Nick Cave’s already morbid theme.

Andrew Bird - ‘Orpheo Looks Back'

Admittedly, the lyrics of the song are not the first thing to attract me to this song, funnily also about Orpheus! I love not only Andrew Bird’s playing (violin, guitar, singing, whistling), but the same playfulness of tone in his lyrics too.

A Tribe Called Quest - 'The Remedy'

Fine storytelling with a lot to contemplate. It might not be of the “fable” kind, but it’s all up for debate. One of my favourites!

PJ Harvey - 'Me-Jane'

The beating toms, and the snarling blues riff, and those perfect pauses full of feedback that sound like a big inhale before a big riff finally comes back down: it all stole my heart in one big swoop! PJ is singing from the perspective of Jane of ‘Tarzan and Jane’, trying to get a word in edgeways, and maybe trying to take a leading role in their story for once.

Cibo Matto - ‘Sugar Water’

Spell-like, hypnotic, laid back, and a little bit sexy! The evocative words conjure strong images of: far off lands, moonlight, fruit, tropical climates. It has a bit of magic in it. The story is not necessarily a fable, but the language reminds me of Rudyard Kiplings’ 'Just So' stories that I used to listen a lot to when I was little.

Björk - 'The Anchor Song'

Returning to the sea is a theme that I've noticed crops up a lot, whether it’s returning to a time when we were fish, or slightly more enchanted – most which seem to originate from sailors. Anyway, I’ve never heard a brass arrangement as free as this before, and the combination of the words and music makes the song's imagery just jump out of the stereo!

Marine is Cara Sebastian (lead vocals & guitar), Ruby Jack (lead vocals & guitar), Beth Dariti (Bbass) and Kaja Magsam (drums).

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