The Fix List: Kikagaku Moyo

Japanese psychedelic band Kikagaku Moyo have taken time from their busy schedule around the 13 May release of their album House in the Tall Grass to put together a playlist of their favourite tracks.

Tomo Katsurada from the band, who describe their music as encompassing "a broad spectrum of influence & elements of classical Indian music, Krautrock, traditional folk, and 70s Rock", has titled his tearful playlist: 'Ten great songs to listen to when you want to cry. It’s natural and we’re the only animal that cries, so let go and embrace it.'

Grab some tissues, then listen the band's fantastic playlist below. Tour dates can be found here.

Jackson C Frank - 'Milk and Honey'

Remember why you feel like you want to cry, take time to release any trapped emotions.

Sibylle Baire - 'Tonight'

When I want to cry this one always brings the tears. Drink tea and be sad with this song.

Trees - 'Polly On The Shore'

Sit down and embrace the sheer beauty of this epic song by Trees.

Fairport Convention - 'Reynardine'

This is a lovely calming song and will soothe you after you’ve shed a a tear.

Frekåben - 'Mandsang'

Good things, bad things, the chaos of emotion…get lost in this song and don’t try to explain why.

Träd Gräs Och Stenar - 'Punkrocker'

Honest and raw ….

Daniel Norgren - 'Why May I Not Go Out And Climb The Trees?'

Float through your feelings, this is a simply beautiful and gentle song.

Heron - 'Yellow Roses'

The best thing about crying is moving on afterwards, this song will give sunshine to your heart.

Happy End - 'Shin Shin Shin'

Go for a walk with this one, even if its raining.

Les Rallizes Denudes - 'But I Was Different'

Listen to this song at night after everything. Remember the day, remember how you felt and feel alive.

Or you can stream the band's brand new album:

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