The Fix List: Half Loon

London-based, art pop band Half Loon recently unveiled the Mónica González Carter directed video to their new single ‘Ruth’, which takes the viewer on a personal insight into its subject’s conscience. We’re grateful to the band for sharing personal insights into their conscience via the Fix List below: Aidan Clough’s five are first, followed by their musical brainchild Daniel Alexander Pickard’s (any details on Jeannie Piersol’s whereabouts, please let us know and we’ll pass on the details).

Half Loon, distinguished in part by Daniel’s love the bohemian 19th Century works of Friedrich Nietzsche and Charles Baudelaire, are set to release their debut album in 2017.

Family - 'Winter'

It's hard to pick one song from Family's first album Music in a Dolls House but I love the way ‘Winter’ whimsically plods along. It takes me to a little village in the countryside where the fields are white and there's children making snowmen.

Nick Drake - 'Road'

I went to visit Nick Drake’s grave a few years back with some friends that were playing a festival close to where he's buried. The memory of coming up whilst breezing through the country lanes of Tanworth-in-Arden with ‘Road’ blaring out of the stereo will always be warming to me.

Pere Ubu - ‘Chinese Radiation'

Here's one from Cleavland (Ohio) art rockers Pere Ubu. Well I guess they’re art rock, it's hard to define their sound. They remind me of early Roxy/Eno with a bit of Beefheart wackiness thrown in, swimming in a sea of proto-punk spit.

Sergius Golowin - 'Die Weisse Alm'

Sergius Golowin was a Czech Republic born writer, myth researcher and librarian. In 1973 at the age of 44 he teamed up with musicians including Klause Schulze and made a record of himself chanting to improvised cosmic music. ‘Die Weisse Alm’ sounds like a holy experience.

Wire - 'Outdoor Miner'

I could of picked almost any song from Wire’s first two albums Pink Flag and Chairs Missing but I don't think you can get any better than Outdoor Miner. It has to be the single version just for the piano in the middle.

The Kinks - ‘Alcohol’

Ray Davies's disarming ode to the demons. One’s wit never falls short of being humorous. I pick this because the brass sections are perfect.

Frédéric Chopin - 'Polanaise No. 11 in G Minor'

Written when he was 7 years of age reportedly. I feel intrusive listening to Chopin as it sounds very personal. I see beauty only in the melancholic. I tend to listen to him in the mornings.

Jean-Claude Vannier - 'L'Enfant La Mouche Et Les Allumette'

I am fond of how everything sounds rather harsh in Vannier’s work. It's cold but welcomed; this sounds like it could of been made for a carnival where the sun bears no relevance. A truly great composer.

Patsy Cline - 'Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray'

Patsy in the bath once a month.

Jeannie Piersol - 'The Nest'

Where did Jeannie go? This, my soul pick. An entrancing vocal,

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