The Dodos Interview

The Dodos latest album Time To Die has taken several spins on the TMF stereo over the last month. When we heard they were in town we sent Adrian Mules out to catch up with drummer Logan Krober and find out a little more about what’s been going with the San Francisco superstars.

Adrian: Hi Logan, thanks for taking to time to have a chat with us here at The Music Fix. We really enjoyed Time To Die, you seem to have fleshed out your sound on this record, can you tell me a little bit about how this album came about?

Logan: Some of the songs on Time To Die started to take shape back in 2007 after we recorded Visiter but before anyone wanted to put it out. Then after we got busy in 2008 it sat on the back burner until we had a break earlier this year when we reworked everything and wrote a bunch more.

Adrian: On this album you’ve gone from a 2 to a 3 piece with the addition of Keaton. How has it changed the dynamics within the band?

Logan: This is his first band ever so I think he adds a little wild eyed enthusiasm, but more importantly I'm not the only one who has to pick up Meric for band practice anymore.

Adrian: That’s always helpful, so what music were you listening to when writing this album?

Logan: I think more than on past records we were really focused on the task at hand, and not letting too many outside influences in while writing. But I do know Meric and I were both listening to lots of Stars of the Lid.

Adrian: I really liked And Their Refinement Of The Decline, I can see how you can be influence by them. Are there any other musicians you’d like to work with?

Logan: The only other type of player we've ever discussed having join the group was a bass player who could sing killer harmonies. I guess by default that means we want to collaborate with Michael Anthony from Van Halen.

Adrian: Okay, the album is called “Time to Die” and your band are called “The Dodos”. Is there an inherent fear of premature extinction?

Logan: I never thought about it when Meric proposed the title; as it is just a little catch phrase of his. But on more than one occasion now the potential irony of it has been exposed. Certainly it is not confessional on the level of Ready To Die by the late Biggie Smalls.

Adrian: I’m glad to hear it! What’s next for The Dodos?

Logan: We've got club tours lined up for the rest of the year that I'm looking forward to tremendously as we've got a really good crew and we'll be hooking up with the Ruby Suns and Megafaun again. And hopefully we'll find time to keep working on new stuff 'cause we have a handful of new jams that are stoking us pretty hard right now.

So after that flying visit we let Logan return to his nest; wishing him and his band the best for their future endeavors.

Time To Die is released on Monday the 31st of August and they will be playing the following dates:


01 - Glee Club, Birmingham, UK
02 - Thekla, Bristol, UK
03 - Bush Hall, London, UK
04 - King Tuts, Glasgow, UK
05 - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, UK
13 - End of Road Festival, Dorset, UK


15 - Scala, London, UK

Be sure to catch them while you can.

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