The Digital Fix's New Music Friday: 6th April

It's been some time since we did a new music round-up, it used to be a staple of ours, to review the week's newest singles. In this world of streaming and playlists though it seemed a bit of a waste of time to tell people what to think about a song, so we stopped bothering.

But now we're back. Not telling you what to think but giving you the best of the week's new music. We don't want Spotify to become the new record label, dictating what you hear, so these are our choices of the week's new music. Go listen. Love or hate, it's up to you.

First up Hannie, we like this duo, they've a different and interesting take on pop. Their new single is 'Target' and features Ralph. You can find out more about Hannie but reading our chat with them.

Ferdinand, the new album from Left Boy, is out today. His new single 'Kid' is being pushed too. Here it is:

Also with a new album out today are our favourite Spanish band, HindsI Don't Run is available everywhere now, but if you want a flavour listen to 'Finally Floating'.

Having released her debut album last week Haley Heynderickx releases a live track from SXSW, 'Simple Song'. It's safe to say we're fans.

We're also big fans of sultry soul-popper Clare Maguire. After 2016's cracking Stranger Things Have Happened, she's been releasing the odd single. Here's her latest 'All Or Nothing Love'.

Finally, Ben Howard returns after a four year break trailing his new album (due 1st June) with 'A Boat To An Island On The Wall'.

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