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“Australia, ooh ooh ooh, in Australia”. Colour me excited. Aus-frickin'-stralia! I couldn't believe it! Sun, sea, sand and getting as far away from Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis and the rest of those X-Factor chumps as is humanly possible. At the airport, I even decided to go “all-in” and pur-chase a Speak Instant Aussie guidebook. Well I didn't want to look foolish infront of Sydney's bloody ace and cooler than folk teenagersintokyo did I? Or should I say I didn't want to be an “ocker”, a “nong” or a “flamin' gallah”. Oh no Monsieur. They would greet me like a long lost brother. This was gonna be a riot! I could see us all now at the hotel “getting our rage on” with our “stubbies”, having a “mag” and “sinking some piss”....If ONLY they hadn't recently moved to London. What a drongo! Ah well no worries, she'll be right!

G'day teenagersintokyo! Your new 'AA' single Isabella / Long Walk Home has been getting rave reviews, with many highlighting how it's a major progression from the EP – Can you give us a brief update on what you've been up to this past year and what we can expect from the eagerly awaited album?

Sophie: We've been song writing for about the last 18 months to two years towards the album and I think that a lot has changed in our approach to song writing since we first picked up instruments a few years ago. So while some of the songs are really new and recently written, other songs have been floating around for a while now being ripped to pieces and reworked. I guess I hope that the album sounds a bit more considered and a lot more thoughtful than the EP. The songs still have a lot of energy but the energy is more controlled now.

Basically, since we released our EP over here about a year ago we spent a lot of time locked in a studio song writing. Then in May of this year we packed up our lives and moved over here to London. Since we arrived we've been recording our album with David Kosten, working on our live show and doing some more song writing for the finishing touches on the album.

A lot of the sound is reminiscent of ace '80s spook rock like The Cure & Siouxsie and titles like Vampyrs, Black Bones, End It Tonight, Death Rides A Horse suggest a love for the gothic too. Is there big love for the dark side and were any of you teen-goths?

Sophie: Some of our humour is very black. We've also developed an obsession with the phenomenon of seeing 11:11. I don't think that any of us were huge teen goths... I collected crystals and bought some black velvet clothes when I was a teenager... maybe lit some incense in my room a couple of times... and us girls used to walk in a row and pretend we were in The Craft.

“Who's going to be Nancy today guys?”

“You watch out for those weirdos!” What was it like cutting your teeth as young rock musicians within Australia? (I'm mentally picturing Hutch's suburban punk classic Dogs In Space)

Sophie: I've never seen that movie although I just IMDb-ed it and based purely on the synopsis I'm just going to say yes.

Was there a particular defining moment (or influence) that called you all to a life in music?

Sophie: I have a very early memory of being in a music class and a teacher getting frustrated because I couldn't tell the difference between a beat and a rhythm. She wanted me to clap out the straight beat but I could only clap the rhythm. Maybe that's why I'm not the drummer? Actually I wrote a song about Easter when I was about 8 and they put it in the school newsletter! I think it was something about my mum not letting me eat chocolate for breakfast.

So what do teenagersintokyo believe in and what would you like to jettison into space?

Samantha: We believe in magic and dessert! And if possible, we'd like to jettison all bad vibes into space.

Us Brits have taken you to our hearts, but what do you miss when you're away from home and have you any favourite British eccentricities?

Samantha: Besides the obvious like missing our families and friends, we really miss the food and the beach. Such an Australian thing to miss! But we really do miss the sunshine. Other than that we are having a lovely time in London. We like how some of our British friends pronounce the following words: "yoghurt", "cinema", "pantene" and "room".

“I lose myself every time I hear that song”; what songs / films / books are teenagersintokyo currently losing themselves to?

Samantha: At the moment Sophie, Linda and I are totally into Flash Forward. I can't watch it before going to bed because I actually get kind of scared and can't sleep. I'm also really enjoying the new HBO series Bored to Death with Jason Schwartzman. I'm such a fan of awkwardness. Music wise, Sherlock's Daughter are a really great Sydney based band who've recently put out their beautiful début EP. I'm also still totally in love with Tavi, aka the coolest blogger on earth.

I hear you have a “penchant for arguing about completely irrelevant pop culture issues”, please let our readers (briefly) into your world with a recent example?

Linda: We actually just talk too much in general. We have completely irrelevant conversations about anything and everything. We have to have a democratic discussion of every finite detail and while each person is talking, the next person is just waiting to pounce with their point of view. Recent examples include "what should we eat for dinner?", "who left the freezer open?", "where is that guy from? I know he was in The Devil's Advocate, but he's been in heaps of other stuff", and so on and so forth.

Au Revoir Noughties! Bonjour Twenty-tens! What were your highlights / lowlights of the '00s?

Linda: Highlights - The introduction of Skype in 2002, graduating from high school and university, falling in love, forming the band, falling in love with the band, falling in love with the Harry Potter series.

Lowlights - Death of Michael Jackson, John Hughes, Patrick Swayze, Brad Renfro, Heath Ledger and DJ AM, the phrases "recessionista" and "chic-onomics".

Finally, as future pop stars, you quite rightly put some effort into your appearance – any fashion tips for our readers' winter wardrobes?

Linda: Gaffer tape a hot water bottle to your body and hey presto! Winter goddess! You can't tell me that you won't turn heads walking down the street like that. And drink hot water. Add on to your winter look by carrying around a mug and a teapot of freshly boiled water - it'll warm you from the inside out and is the ultimate sexy handbag.

Yeah,er, OK, er, well if you think it's a good idea, you're the artists! So readers, go and buy teenagersintokyo's new AA single Isabella / Long Walk Home, it's ripper. One of 2009's best. It's a black panther record – sleek, dark and the kitten's got claws. When the teenies go mega in 2010 you can feel blessed for having secured an early bird VIP table down the front. But to be honest if they try and sell you a hot water bottle, tell 'em to “rack off”. If they go “berko” just tell 'em Harold Bishop's your Dad and he knows Kung-fu.

The single Isabella / Long Walk Home is out now and the band play more UK shows in November. Go Myspace! Go Twitter!

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