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Nicolas Fromageau was a founding member of M83 but now it using his ouija board to direct Team Ghost. Their effortless blur of electronica, shoegaze, cinematic, Eno-esque soundscapes, krautrock, sleazy Suicide-like post-punk and coldwave meant we had to find out more.


Please introduce Team Ghost?

Team Ghost is a band based in Paris, France. I sing and play guitars, Christophe plays guitars and sings too, and Jean Philippe is the producer. When we play live we also have a bassist and a drummer.

How would you describe the music you make?

It’s a mix of all my influences: electronic music, post punk and pop music. Each track sounds quite different.

You are about to release your excellent debut EP. It’s a very varied record – how long have you been working on it?

Oh thanks! Some songs on this record are quite old and I wanted them to be on a record. Half of the tracks were recorded like a "normal" band, the other tracks are "home made".

You left M83 some time ago. Has all your time been taken up with Team Ghost or have you been involved in other projects?

I had few bands but just for fun, I spent most of my time with Team Ghost.

How did Team Ghost come together?

Christophe has been in the band since 2007 and we just found a new bassist and a drummer to play live. So it's quite a new band.

How does working within Team Ghost differ to M83?

I'm the leader! I can do whatever I want, get drunk all the time and, no no I'm joking. I write most of the songs then Christophe and Jean Philippe tell me their point of view and help me finish the song. Then we try to play it with the band, and umm, sometimes it sounds OK.

You’ve done some remixes this year – what is your approach to remixing?

I like it! Usually I only use the original vocals and try to do something totally different with it, like a new song. I really enjoyed to work on Yeti Lane's ‘Twice’, as the singer has a beautiful voice

Yeti Lane are brilliant! So how does the live experience of Team Ghost differ from the studio one?

Well I think it sounds a bit more "rock" on stage, with guitars and drums on most of the songs. But it's not very different from the recordings.

Who is your favourite ghost and why?

My ex-girlfriend (and of course I won't tell you why).

I hope that wasn’t a murder confession! Other than your own what’s been your favourite song of 2010 thus far?

Fortune's ‘Celebrate’. They are a great French band, and I especially enjoy this track on their new album.

What are you plans for the rest of 2010?

I'm working on new tracks for our first album. We'd like it to be released next year. So much work! And live shows too… I hope. Thank you, and sorry for my shitty English!


Then it's back through the chunnel and home in time for tea. Their debut EP, You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me, is released on Sonic Cathedral Recordings on 3rd of May and you can catch them live on the following dates:

April 22 - Berlin, Ritter Butzke - w/ Crystal Castles
April 23 - Amsterdam, Trouw - w/ Crystal Castles
April 24 - Brussels, Botanique Orangerie - w/ Crystal Castles
April 26 - Paris, Noveau Casino - w/ Crystal Castles
April 27 - Zurich, Rosthoflager - w/ Crystal Castles
April 28 - Milan, Magazzini Generali - w/ Crystal Castles
May 14 - Brighton (The Great Escape), Drowned In Sound @ Ocean Rooms - w/ Rolo Tomassi
May 15 - Brighton (The Great Escape), NME Radar @ Horatios - w/ Esben And The Witch
May 19 - London, Sonic Cathedral @ The Social - w/ Yeti Lane
May 20 - London, Bush Hall - w/ The Radio Dept
May 21 - London (Stag & Dagger), Sonic Cathedral Stage @ The Legion - w/ The Radio Dept

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