Stargazing 2013

Every year since 1973 we've looked over our Top Albums of the Year and picked out a few acts to 'talk' to. That was easier to do back in the 1970s when people still used phones but our 'website' (some Basildon Bond with writing on) was really a sight to see. We much prefer 2012 to be honest although aren't selection boxes much smaller, policemen younger, newsreaders not as well turned out?

Rather than break with tradition - and have The Daily Mail on our backs for messing with the Great British Music Fix Christmas Thing - here are a few acts gamely responding to our inanity. And, in the case of ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead, treating us with the disdain we probably deserve. Well, merry feckin' Christmas, y'all.

The Staves

Staves! Don't run away! We were only going to tell you that you made our Top 30 Albums of 2012!

That's very cool and exciting! It's great that people are enjoying the album. Thank you Music Fix!

This is not a weird question, honest, but what are you doing next year?

We will be touring a lot! We plan on heading back over to the States and Canada again, the rest of Europe and of course the UK. If we have enough time we'll try and fit in the rest of the world too!

Cool. Listen. Christmas. Coming soon. Wants?

Lindt chocolate. Woollen socks. A harmonium. Port!

Would a pair of mens socks and some Ribena do?


Ladies! In English, please tell us about being included in TMF's Albums of 2012 list!

It's an honour! We've only just begun playing in UK and we're loving every minute of it, so we hope this will help us come back again and again!

2013: what are you doing please?

Writing for our next album! Relaxing a bit after many many miles of touring all over Europe.

We found eight Euros in the street - what can we buy you?

A Wurlitzer, a harp and a bigger tour bus!

I don't think you understand how far eight Euros will stretch.

... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead

Hey, ... Trail of Dead man. We liked your album. We liked it and we included it in our Top 30 Albums of the Year!

We're honored.

OK. What crazy things are you going to do in 2013, crazy guys?

Tour, make videos and records. The usual.

Oh, it's like that, is it? We were going to get you some presents but might donate to the food bank instead. If we're in a better mood later, what do you want for Christmas?

More spots on the guest list.

Hey - we checked! Your name's not down, you're not getting in.

Steven Battelle, LostAlone

Hello ... is that Steven? I know it's 3.36 am but I'm just ringing to say you're in our Top 30 albums list!

Amazing! The album had so many great reviews but March (when the album was released) seems like a lifetime away so this is a really unexpected treat! Thank you!

In 2013 we plan to get a life. What about you?

2013 will hopefully be a more intense version of 2012. We intend to keep on touring and fit in recording and releasing our next record, in the tradition of the bands from the 70's, we'd like to do an album a year going forward.

That sounds like a plan. Imagine I am a magic wizard with special skills. What would you most want for Christmas?

For Christmas I'd really love 24 hours of regression back to the age of 8 so I could feel that magical Christmas feeling that's lost with the passage of time.

Oh. Now I'm sad.

Helen from Shrag

We counted up stuff and it turns out you guys made it into our Top 30 Albums of 2012. That's special, right?

Well, it actually means quite a lot. Not least because one of our favourite reviews for the album came via your site! It's always a relief when someone with evident brains and sense of humour and soul kinda...gets it. (Oh, Jesus. He'll be strutting around like the only cock on the farm - Ed.) So yeah, genuinely flattered. I don't think we've ever made an end-of-year album shortlist before (difficult to believe I know) and we're glad our first - and probably last - is from you lot! Thank you :)

Make us jealous by giving us a peak into what you will be doing in 2013.

Fame, riches, and oblivion, obviously. Just like last year.

We've got Santa tied up in the shed. What should we tell him you want?

1st place in all the awards and more of the above.

Dirk Serries, Fear Falls Burning

Your album made our Top 30.

Over the past years my music quite often got overlooked for the annual lists of favourite recordings, so I'm more than happy to see Disorder Of Roots made it into The Music Fix's Top 30. Not only is this my personal favourite Fear Falls Burning record I've done, but since it was the last one closing the book, I'm honoured.

What does 2013 hold

Now that all alter-ego projects have been finalized, I more than ever look towards a future that focuses on my most personal, emotional and profound music under my own birth name. 2013 is the year that my 2nd studio album in the Microphonics series will be released, an album that was a heavy one to write and complete. March 16th 2013 is the date for Microphonics xxi-xxv: Mounting Among The Waves, There's A Light In Vein album and I can't wait to unleash the vision.

Excellet self-promotion there, Sir. What do you want for Christmas this year?

A couple of good jazz records on vinyl and I'm a happy man...

I think we can stretch to that. Enjoy!

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