Songs not to miss at Bloodstock 2018

Download Festival has the rock, Reading and Leeds has the "whatever is cool right now" indie and whatever song is being used for Love Island, but Bloodstock Festival, is truly the only METAL - yes in capitals - festival in the UK at the moment. With less that a fortnight till this years edition kicks off lets look at some songs not to miss out on!

Let's start it off where it all began back in 1969 with Birmingham's own Judas Priest. Yes, generally Black Sabbath have the right to say they started it all but they have called it a day and haven't released a 10/10 album since the mid 70's whereas Judas Priest are still touring the world and have just released a 10/10 album in this year's Firepower. So here is a choice cut from that album, the crushing 'No Surrender'.

Having had a critically acclaimed album in 2016's Magma, its release has propelled the French metal band Gojira into the stratosphere. An album containing influences from every arm of the music world, the record has pricked the ears of journalists ingrained in the metal scene but also from further afield with the band being seen in magazines and shows that would not normally cover them. Like the mythical creature they sometimes sing about, something is stirring in the depths...and 'Stranded' from Magma shows the band firing on all cylinders.

Stepping away from the headliners for a moment to a band who will be headlining one day in the form of Pallbearer. A band who never seem to stop touring and having released last year's album 'Heartless' are on to great things. Check out the album opener below:

Chris Jericho is a man of many many talents, best known for his wrestling ability across the squared circles of the world but also for his podcasts and also fronting his band Fozzy. With the single 'Judas' having amassed over 21 million views on YouTube since its release last year, the band continue to tour and rip up stages across the world. Check out the video below:

 Bloodstock Festival is less than two weeks away, get any last minute ticket packages from here and we will see you in the Pit!

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