Smoke Fairies' 2019

Smoke Fairies' 2019

So, what’s been the most exciting thing you’ve done in 2019?

Well we’ve finally been able to release some songs off our new record, which we recorded in Seattle last December. The first track was 'Out Of The Woods', where we were filmed running around in the woods being chased by a kind of forest creature. We also released 'Disconnect' and 'Elevator', two more singles off of the album. I also did a welding course. You have to do it in the dark and there's no way of knowing what you are welding together until they turn the lights back on.

What’s been your biggest challenge of 2019?

Just trying to get our album out has been a massive challenge. We did have a label but the night before our first single was going to be released they broke it to us that they would need to pull out of the album release due to financial issues. We were left wondering whether our album was ever going to see the light of day! We've ended up putting it out on our own label. I also tried to grow potatoes and the slugs presented a really big challenge. I didn't want to kill them so I tried collecting them in my hand and taking them far away. Slug slime never comes off no matter how many times you wash your hands.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve played music in 2019?

We've only done one gig this year but it was in a very cool place, The Social in Little Portland Street, London. We've been playing there since we first started playing in London so it was a good place to have our first show in about a million years. 

What’s the one album you’ve loved most in 2019?

It's a few years old now but I really enjoyed listening to Matador by Gaz Coombes whilst road tripping around the west country this summer.

What’s been the song that’s most soundtracked your 2019?

Spotify has told me that my most listened to track is 'Golden' by Amanda Bergman. It's a great song, uplifting whilst staying melancholy its very versatile for any mood. 

What have you hated about 2019?

The winter, it's already gone on too long and combined with the election result and the way everything is going it's just so gross.

What are you most excited about for in 2020?

Our album, Darkness Brings the Wonders Home is out on the 31st January so I'm looking forward to seeing where that will all lead. I might try and grow some more potatoes but I haven't decided yet.

Finally, what’s the one thing about your 2019 that you’d like to share?

I became a vegetarian. I have a cat and I would obviously never eat him so the idea of eating meat seemed a bit hypocritical. I still eat gummy sweets though which is total hypocrisy. There are these gummy sweets called fizzy fish which I just can't wean myself off of.

To find out more about Smoke Fairies you should visit their website, or check out their socials. Their new album is out on 31st January 2020 and available everywhere.

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