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Battling a cracking hangover (Thank you Brighton! Thank you birthday!), Joe Nockles decided the best cure was to catch up with "Sheffield's answer to the White Stripes" (and other meaningless journalistic cliches) Slow Club to talk new songs, Jools Holland and their crap Wikipedia page.

So, you’re playing at the Unitarian Church. Have you had chance to check it out?

Rebecca Taylor – Yeah. We’ve sound checked and stuff. It was nice. We’re looking forward to it because it means we can play quieter stuff tonight, which is good.

The more delicate stuff.

R – Yeah. It’ll be nice for us to be able to play it, because all the gigs we’ve done recently have been really loud.

Is there anywhere that you want to play, ideally?

R – Erm, Wembley?

Charles Watson – I’m not sure. Maybe like Doncaster Dome or something.

R – Donny Dome would be good!

Isn’t that a swimming pool?

C – Yeah! With an ice rink and stuff.

How are things going with the next album?

R – Good. Yeah. We’re getting on with it and figuring out producers and what we wanna do and where we wanna do it. We’re both really itching to get on with it.

You’ve got a couple of new tracks floating around…

R – Yeah, we’ve got about six or seven, but we need to sort everything out with them.

Is it going to be much of a change in sound?

C – I think so. We’ve just been spending the last couple of weeks figuring out what we wanna do with it. How we’re gonna record it, where, who with and the general direction.

R – It’s different.

You know how there used to be the idea that your first performance on Top of the Pops was your made-it moment? What would yours be?

R – I think just having A LOAD of people singing the words back for me would be really good.

That’s happened a few times, surely?

R – Yeah, but like….MORE. How about you Charles?

C – I don’t know. I guess Jools Holland would be fun.

Have you not done him?

R – No. I think it’s really hard to get on it.

C – I think it’s gone downhill a lot in the last two or three years.

R – I’m pretty positive it must be like a record like industry line or…[laughs] I was trying for a metaphor vibe then, but I lost it! No, we’re small time I think. I don’t think we’ll get on there. It’d be nice, but….

I had a look at your Wikipedia page. It’s pretty crap, there’s only about four facts! Is there anything you’d like to be on there?

R – Well for a while it was great, because my friend put a rumour about myself and Calvin Harris on there, which I wanted to promote! Yeah, our page is crap. We don’t even have individual ones. Actually that is our Top of the Pops moment, when you can click on each of our names and there’s fact about each of us.

Yeah, that’s a good one.

R – It is rubbish, but who even does it? I dunno. We could do it ourselves, but that’s even more rubbish.

Is there anyone on the cusp of getting noticed who you want to champion?

R – Yeah…but I can’t think.

C – Heebies?

R – Heebie Jeebies from Sheffield. The band Signals, used to be The Mae Shi, but they reformed in a different band. They’re brilliant. Really really brilliant. There’s loads, but I can’t think right now.

Anyone you’re going to try and see at Great Escape?

R – Erm, we’re on at 10, but we’re going to go to the Wichita party.

C – I think Real Estate are playing at half 8. I want to go and see them.

You’re of the generation of indie bands that feels a need to release a Christmas EP and get involved in festivities. What lead you to do that?

C - It wasn’t really about Christmas. It was more of an excuse for us to go into the studio and record music without the fear of it being a full release. If it’s under the guise of being a Christmas album, people forgive you if it’s shit, but it was just an excuse for us to go to Sheffield and hang out with our friends and make some music.

R – Writing with that kind of purpose is really freeing. You don’t have to worry that people will be think, “Oh the new Slow Club stuff sounds like this”. Writing a Christmas song can come out very easily, because you’ve got a beginning a middle and an end and as a songwriter, it’s really nice to complete something and it be good and just be happy with it.

Is there anything else you want to add?

C – Koko!

R – Koko!

Koko. Cool. That’s a pretty decent venue isn’t it?

R – It’s the biggest venue we’ve done, so it’s a bit worrying.

Who’ve you got supporting?

R – Massive line-up! Spectrals, Veronica Falls and Summer Camp. So those three bands are like the coolest bands in London. Much cooler than us salty dogs!

Slow Club kick off a national tour on May 25th and release their latest single, 'Giving Up On Love' on May 24th. Watch the video, starring none other than Mackenzie Crook, below:

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