Scroobius Pip interview!

"Thou Shalt not think any male over the age of 30 that plays with a child that is not their own is a paedophile. Some people are just nice."

Pity those who are unaware of Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip. Thou Shalt Always Kill, due for digital release on April 2nd, is a rare work of gob-smacking genius and easily the best track of the year so far (that my ears have heard anyway). Judging by the snowballing airplay and acclaim, it has the potential to be a big underground hit, if that's not a contradiction, at the very least.

The words, courtesy of the fantastically bearded Scroobius Pip, are highly quotable, a mixture of sensible new commandments for the 21st century and tongue-in-cheek baiting. Radiohead, just a band, indeed. This is all to the accompaniment of Dan Le Sac's addictive electronic backing, aimed at making you jump up and down. It's a track that simultaneously works the feet and brain and, to boot, will leave you with a big grin on your face. My current prescription is 5 times daily.

Like Justice Vs Simian's We Are Your Friends, one can imagine Thou Shalt Always Kill sending people loopy on dancefloors, sweaty kids in trendy t-shirts shouting the words in unison. Almost as good is the Planet Telex sampling Letter From God to Man. "The last time I sent down a messenger you nailed him to the cross..." Having watched various live clips on You Tube, I personally can't wait to get along to a Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip gig.

Scroob was gentlemanly enough to answer some questions for CD Times.


CD Times: How did you and Dan Le Sac get together?
Scroobius Pip: It's weird because we lived in the same small town (Stanford-le-Hope) for around 6 years and never knew each other. We knew of each other at college and worked together for a bit but we didn't come together musically until Dan stumbled upon my myspace and did some remixes of tracks off my album no commercial breaks. We then went on to make tracks like Thou Shalt Always Kill, Dreaming and Letter From God to Man from scratch.

CDT: How would you describe Thou Shalt Always Kill to someone who hasn't yet heard it?
SP: My views expressed via the wonderful spreadsheet of the ten commandments. All ranted over the kind of electro, 80's computer game noises that make guitar bands buy laptops.

CDT: Tongue-in-cheek or genuine new commandments for the 21st century?
SP: A mixture of both to be honest. There are some serious issues touched upon in the track but no one likes to be preached at so I like to mix in a whole load of tongue-in-cheek quips to lighten the load.

CDT: What's the most important commandment to heed?
SP: That's a tough one. I'd like to say: "Thou Shalt give equal worth to tragedies that occur in non-English speaking countries as to those that occur in English speaking countries". But in day to day life it's probably: "Thou Shalt not fall in love so easily" or "Thou Shalt not make repetitive generic music".

CDT: Airplay for Thou Shalt Always Kill has been snowballing. How big do you see the track getting?
SP: I haven't a clue. It's been going crazy with XFM, Radio One and Kiss live sessions. End of the day I'm just delighted to have a single coming out on a label like LEX. It could all end there and I'd still be a very happy bearded man.

CDT: Would you license it to back an advert?
SP: Depends on the ad I guess. It's easy to say "no" and talk about selling out but at times ads can be done well so I wouldn't want to rule anything out. Just rest assured that it won't be appearing in a shampoo ad.

CDT: Can you tell me the release details? Date? Formats?
SP: Indeed. The digital release is April 2nd. This will be an i-Tunes exclusive for the 1st week. We will then be releasing a limited edition 7 inch (1000 pressed worldwide) which is currently scheduled for 16th April. It is available to pre-order now from and several other sites.

CDT: Your words in general seem to have a social conscience. What do you see as the three greatest threats to the world today?
SP: That really is a tough one and it really depends on from where you are looking. There are many different threats but most of the biggest ones stem from paranoia. Irrational fear can make people justify the stupidest actions.

CDT: What are your favourite tunes/albums at the moment?
SP: To be honest I haven't bought a CD since April 2006. I get really engrossed in performing live and writing at times so I go through stints of not buying music. Through the powers of myspace though I would recommend Kate Nash, Jack Penate, Paloma Faith, Adele, Amy Bullman, I Shouted Gun and Jackamo Brown. That's the unofficial top 7 right now.

CDT: Men with beards make better music. Agree or disagree?
SP: Of course. It's just a fact. Sage Francis. Bonnie Prince Billy. Cat Stevens. That dude in Camden that plays his shoes.

CDT: What would you be called if you weren't called Scroobius Pip?
SP: Thankfully it's not a situation I have to deal with. If it was thrust upon me though I would probably choose Pythagoras. Pythagoras Winkleman.


So that's the lowdown from the man himself. (Not mentioned above is that there's a Radio One live session with Rob Da Bank on March 11th.) All YOU need to do is go forth and buy Thou Shalt Always Kill.

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