Raph's 2004 April Musical Overview

Legendary producer Todd Rundgren releases new album Liars and it's a mostly welcome return to form mixing blues, rock, RnB and many other genres that Rundgren fancies his hand at. Whilst it will never match the levels of quality his work for his musical colleagues achieved, it's still a commendable effort.

múm, the isolated, Icelandic, stark minimalists return with Summer Make Good, an album drenched in multi-textured sound bites that appears to relish in conveying an added dose of loneliness. It's arguable whether this album is as good as Finally We Are No One, but fans will lap it up in droves.

Not only stealing Elvis Costello as a husband, Diana Krall also utilises his songwriting services on The Girl In The Other Room to mostly good effect, allowing her music to breathe in Krall's most personal album yet. The older audience intoxicated by her charms will certainly be pleased, and the high chart placing justified Krall's immense appeal.

Californian punk indulgence is prevalent on Sugarcult's latest album Palm Trees And Power Lines, a title that perfectly charts the motifs on offer on record. Listen to the album, and Sugarcult never stray from their norm, but then why should they?

Deeply underrated French band Tahiti 80 unleash a mini-collection of songs that didn;t make it onto Wallpaper For The Soul, and the eight songs on Extra Pieces Of Sunshine are almost as good, and serve as a fine bridge for the next album that we simply cannot wait for.

Eamon might not Frankie back, or whoever...but one's thing for sure and that's we don't want either of them back ever. Do they even exist? Who knows in this world in which PR-stunts rule. If you find yourselves continually sucked into this tractor beam of superficial nonsense, then I Don't Want You Back is for you.

April 2004 Album Of The Month

A weak month, but Polly Paulusma's debut album Scissors In My Pocket is a fine blend of warm, acoustic songwriting backed with confident delivery from Polly. Casually slotting herself into the same territory as Joni Mitchell and Kathryn Williams, it seems that her fanbase expands every week.

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