Quickfire Q&A with Cherri V

TMF recently had the chance to have a quick chat with Cherri V with some very quick fire questions and answers. Enjoy...

Given your blend of RnB and rock, who would you say were your key influences?

It really varies!! I have always loved artists whom have a more alternative sound... My motto when it came to music is always to listen to everything at least once! So I was always open to all genres of music... And great songs whatever genre they are will always get my attention.

How did you find your time at Brit school?

Loved it!! It was a great training ground and the teachers were great!! It gave me a chance to feel out the other aspect of performing arts being drama which I took as a major!! I had a blast there!!

If you hadn't broken into the music industry, what do you think you would be doing now?

Probably I'd still be trying!!!!! LOL honestly there is nothing I want to do more!! So I'm hoping for a lengthy career in music ; )

You started out on the road to success in three-piece, Trinity Stone. How does being a solo act compare? Is being the only face more daunting?

It is quite, but I learnt a whole lot being in the group, made a Great friend (Jade Ewen) and I believe it was supposed to prepare me for what's happening in my life now!!

With 'Fast Cars, Silk Sheets and Favourite Guys' due out later this year, what is next for you?

Loads of PROMO!!! A 30 date schools tour, shooting the video for my next single "Skool Daze" so it’s a really an exciting time right now!! I’m just looking forward to getting the word out there on the Cherri V project!!!!

What was the last CD you bought? listened to?

I last listened to Eminems latest album. Wow, that was weird and quite disturbing!!!! Loving The Saturdays. I saw their new music video the other day too.... HoTT stuff!!

Cherri V’s single ‘Til the Sun Comes Up’ is available as a free download here: www.cherriv.com/downloads. Her next single ‘Skool Daze’ is out in September.

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