Q&A with Brody Dalle

As the front woman for formidable punk purveyors The Distillers, Brody Dalle has always garnered plenty of press interest. Anyone who has a huge skull and crossbones tattooed on their arm bearing the legend “Fuck Off” has got have something to say, right? Sadly, The Distillers split, none to acrimoniously in 2007, leaving behind three brilliant albums and an army of fans mourning their demise.

Fast forward to 2009 and frowns have been turned upside down with releases from Brody’s new band Spinnerette, formed with Distillers band mate Tony Bevilacqua. If you haven’t already heard the brilliant ‘Ghetto Love’ or scintillating ‘Distort A Code’ then shame on you, Brody’s back and it all sounds flaming marvellous.

Between recording the bands debut album and recent touring commitments, TMF managed to catch up with Brody for a quick chat.

Hi Brody, tell us about Spinnerette.
Well, it's the brain child of Alain Johannes (Queens Of The Stone Age), myself and Tony Bevilacqua. It's been a long time coming.

What can we expect from the debut album when it's released?
13 songs. I think not having expectations is a better place to come from, that way you're pleasantly surprised!

Have you got plans to play at any of the UK festivals this year?
I don't know. I do like an English festival though.

Has the way in which the Distillers split made you more guarded about your music and who you make it with?
No it's made me more open, that way I'm less likely to get hurt.

What is your favourite Distillers album?
Sing Sing Death House - I think; cos it was such a great time for us, my writing hit a peak and we were just
starting to blow up, so it was exciting, the future was bright. I'm really proud of that record. It took a long time for that record to come out after we'd made it, the label waited on releasing it. Funny how history repeats.

In previous interviews you mentioned that being on a major label was constricting for you. Is avoiding that something that you're conscious of this time around?
Yes it was and I don't want to be in debt to a monolith and be owned for the next 20 years.

Where in the world are you most happy?
With my daughter and my husband.

If push comes to shove, what is your favourite album of all time?
I hate this question.

Fair enough. That was a pretty lame question. Can you make me more rock n roll, so I don’t ask those sort of questions again?
What do you want me to do? Shoot you up? Sure.

Spinnerette's debut album will be released later this year. Stay posted to TMF for updates.

For all your needs, please visit spinnerette.com

Watch Liam Lynch’s brilliant video for ’Ghetto Love’ right here.

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