Plastiscines interview

Born in a crossfire hurricane in the chicest heart of the world. Born beautiful. Born to be Wild. Born to Run. Just barely out of nappies before mastering the dark arts of rock n' roll. The first works a national smash, the latest riding on the brink of global superstardom. Riddled in media controversy, but adored by 'The Kidz'. Speaking in tongues, speaking in the language of ROCK! No folks, for once I am not talking about myself but the already incredible history of hot young Parisian rock quartet Plastiscines.Vive la revolution! Best let them into your hearts dear readers 'cos frankly they're gonna take it either way. Louise, Anais, I'm ready for my ass kicking...

Bonjour Plastiscines! Can you please introduce the band for our readers and tell us who was your childhood idol growing up?

Louise : We are a French band from Paris and its suburbs. We formed the band in High school, when we were about 16 years old. We learned how to play at the same time and our first desire was to go on stage as soon as possible to play our songs live... almost five years after we touch a guitar for the first time we now have our second album out, it's called About Love and was recorded in LA last February.

When I was very little I was a huge fan of a very cheesy French singer called Joe Dassin, later Iggy Pop became one of my idols, even more so after we met him.

Can you tell us about the forthcoming album About Love and what the Plastiscines themselves actually love?

About Love was recorded in LA, Malibu and the Valley. It was produced by Butch Walker (Katy Perry, P!nk , The Donnas) and Jake Sinclair, and mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer for Nylon records.

We went to California to record just four songs, we were not suppose to stay as long as we did but the alchemy between Butch and us was so great that we decided to change our plane tickets and to find an other studio during the weekend to finish what we started. We really needed to finish it all together. We wanted this album to sound quite powerful but with a lot of background vocals and melody.

The recording process was amazing, we were so happy every single day, waking up by the sea, recording our songs with an amazing team and drinking wine with friends at the end of each day. About Love sounds like the perfect title to us as we put so much love writing and recording it.

We love music, friends and family, coffee, cats and dogs.

I've read you are the leaders of “les bébés rockers”, a Parisian rock n' roll revolution. Can you tell us if this is the case and if so, what it is all about? It sounds very glamorous and exciting.

"Les bébés rockers" is something that the media created. We were just kids playing rock n' roll in underground clubs, caves and bars. We loved music that how we all met. It was something very spontaneous, naive and fresh. We were overdressed because everything around us was boring and not fun.

We were playing in bands, doing gigs with our friends, going out together. But to us, all of that didn't even last a year. Then the media started talking about it and everything changed...To us being 17 and playing in a band was normal because that's how all of our idols started, but to French people it was really unexpected and weird.

Your biography makes conquering the world seem written in the stars. Make record, conquer France, make follow-up, conquer the world. What have been the real challenges so far and what's been the most surreal moment?

The second album was a real challenge, we wanted it to be great, to show people we were not just a girl band with pretty faces. We wanted to show to the people who used to say we were just 'dolls' that we were actually a fucking rock band writing good songs and rockin' out ah ah!

We worked a lot together, we wanted to be better musicians. We did things we thought we were not able to do.

When the whole world knows your name, have you got any crazy stage sets, video ideas or merchandise ideas you'd be able to 'make reality' with your new found wealth and influence?

Anais: The idea is actually to not change anything!! To stay as simple as we are and not go stupid or crazy because we're famous!

If you were to take one of our lucky readers for a night of fun and merriment in your hometown where would you take them and what would you do?

We'll probably take them to a lot of bars like The Pop-In, and then we might go to some clubs later at night or to Marine's (guitarist)'s a good place to party.

So do the Plastiscines have any unusual hobbies or pastimes outside of the band?

Cats...and shopping between band practices.

I'm a Catman, we should swap numbers! So, I should imagine you're inspiring a lot of young people, particularly girls, to pick up instruments and start a band – To those reading this now, can you give them a do's / don'ts to starting a rock n' roll band?

I think there is no do or don't when you're starting a band. For us the most important thing was friendship. We wanted to have fun all together and play music. Don't be afraid to go on stage even if the band is very new, don't listen to people who say you're not just have to go with the flow...last but not least work! Practice your instruments!

All proper rock bands must inevitably have their Spinal Tap comic / tragic moments on tour – what have been the Plastiscines?

We have so many... between us we call it "stupid band" band moments. From going back onstage for an "encore" with my bass unplugged to waiting for the elevator without pushing the buttons. Best one? Being locked on a New York rooftop after a photoshoot....

Finally is there a distinctive look or dress code that hardcore Plastiscines fans can adopt?

...the fringe!

Mon dieu!!! Fringes? Cats? Drinking wine with Iggy? Rockin' out in Caves? Plastiscines, where have you been all my life? This is it folks! This is my ticket out of here! I've found my home, my destiny. [Turns to Wife] “I'm leaving you, you cow!” [runs into street] I'm running away to join LES BÉBÉ ROCKERS!!

The single Barcelona is out now on Because - the debut LP1 is definitely worth a listen whilst you wait for About Love in early 2010. Go Twitter Go MySpace.

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