"Our new songs are a rallying cry" - In Conversation with Monster Truck

Monster Truck are a band that have really put some effort into touring all over the world and with everyone that possibly can. No country is too far and no artist is too obscure to tour with. At this years Download Festival, Craig from Music @ The Digital Fix spoke to keyboardist Brandon Bliss to find out their plans.

How is your Download Festival experience going so far?

It's going good so far. We flew in last night so we haven't been here long, it was a little hard to go to sleep but the day is new and we are here at Download!

You've actually played Download Festival before in 2013, how have the experiences differed?

We've played twice before in 2013 and 2016 so yeah we are starting to feel like a house band. (laughs).

You have a new song out at the moment entitled 'Evolution', is the title a message to your fans about it's creation and/or recording?

Maybe, I think there's a bit of a cryptic message in there, a rallying cry to a degree. I'm not sure how deep people listen to things like this in 2018 being preoccupied with their own lives but we love how it came about.

Is the song a marker for what the whole album will sound like?

No absolutely not. It's not a one off but it's us branching off. Most of the album is a classic Monster Truck sound, the remainder of the album 30% or so is us branching off into new territories. We don't want to abandon our own formula, I don't think we would know how! From the keyboard perspective, which is my instrument of choice, I'm trying to bring in new sounds, play the instrument differently.

You have your new album coming out called 'True Rockers' out on September 14th. Talk to me about its recording?

It came along on the last tour cycle, we had a few definitions of what a True Rocker is. It's an important title I guess.

A True Rocker could mean different things to different people, so for my dad who grew up in the hippie scene of the 60's it could be Hendrix and I grew up in the late 90's Rock scene so I could say James Hetfield or Lemmy....

There are different incarnations for different era's and that's what is so interesting about this genre it's so diverse, broad and has a lot of history behind it.

If you could have a guest vocalist on any of your tracks, who would it be and why?

Funny you mention that, we have put out 'Evolution' as a single in North America but today we have released a new song today called 'True Rocker' and that has Dee Snider on it from Twisted Sister. It was a suitable song for him to guest on, when that came together we were pumped. He's a good friend of John's. He was very keen about it. So he would be a good one and we got him!

You've toured with some big bands in the past. Who would be in your bucket list of bands to tour with?

Metallica would be a bucket list moment. We've toured with Deep Purple and that was a dream come true so we've started to tick them off the list. We learned a lot from them.

For all things Monster Truck visit their official website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Their new album True Rockers is out on September 14th and will be available wherever music is sold/streamed.

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