“Our album artwork was first drawn on a napkin in a bar but it was created ultimately to ask more questions than answers…” – In Conversation with Halestorm

Halestorm are huge, and getting bigger, having climbed the ranks of the Download Festival, they now get to headline the Zippo Encore Stage on their journey to (eventually) headline the Main Stage in years to come. We had a chat with the band about finally achieving the goal of headlining a stage at Download and their plans for the rest of the year.

How did your set go last night?

It was awesome, felt great, the crowd was awesome, plenty of people, it was insane and most importantly it was fun. We set it up so we could concentrate on our set last night and do our press duties the day after the show so all the chaos of getting things organised was spread over two days and not just the one, it’s pretty rare. It was important to us.

You’ve played Download in total 4 times in 2010, 2012, 2016 and this years festival. Does it feel like home?

Totally, we know the grounds and the vibe of the whole place. Everyone seems to be excellent to us.

I’m always interested in the term ‘success’ and how it means things to different people. As an artist, do you see you returning to Download a number of times as success due to your hard work over the years?

I mean our success is generally just playing music for a living, even playing bars back home in Pennsylvania back in the day was our success. Lzzy and I made conscious decisions not to get day jobs but still pay rent so we made a list of bars in a 100-mile radius and called every one of them to play there. We visited the ones that did live music and gave them tapes you know. We just wanted to play music for a living and we’re doing that now. We have our first headline UK tour coming up as well which is going to rule!

Yeah talking about that you are playing the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, my home town!

Oh yeah we love Wales! We’ve had a lot of days off there, we have run amok in the streets. You have the Castle there which is beautiful, you don’t see many modern capital cities that have a castle in the centre of it.

Your most recent album Vicious is nearly a year old. How are the songs integrating into the set?

Oh, they fit in really well. Our latest song ‘Chemicals’ recently came out in April for Record Store Day, the rest of them are part of the set, especially over here. It seems to connect well over here.

The album cover is quite interesting, how did it come about?

Yeah we made it to ask more questions than answers. Lzzy and I were at a cool bar in Nashville called Vinyl Tap. It’s a record store and a craft beer bar, its absolutely deadly, after a few beers you are like ” I DO need that boxset and I need it NOW!” and you come out drunk and penniless. We were sitting there and the art, we drew it on a napkin, at first it wasn’t going to be Lzzy. It’s open to interpretation like all good art should be. Is she liking it, is she not, is she powerful, is it a commentary on women in today’s world, it’s up to the listener.

Halestorm will be heading back to the UK in the winter. Get your tickets here.


Updated: Jul 14, 2019

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“Our album artwork was first drawn on a napkin in a bar but it was created ultimately to ask more questions than answers…” – In Conversation with Halestorm | The Digital Fix