On the Bandwagon: The Ramona Flowers

It's the kind of thing that looks odd on paper, and is probably going to be just as odd in reality: a 'silent' gig, with the musicians encased in a perspex box and the audience listening to the entire event via headphones. It's the brainchild of the folks at music streaming service Deezer and they've persuaded four acts (Little Boots, Dog Is Dead, The Ramona Flowers and The Fridge Magnets) to join them in this week's mad experiment that they're calling the Deezer Bandwagon.

We caught up with The Ramona Flowers' drummer Ed prior to their Manchester show to find out a little more and what their plans are for the rest of the year.

You're going to be doing this thing where you're playing in a box and the audience all have to wear headphones ...

Ed: You probably know as much about it as us to be honest!

So it's going to be pretty much a case of turning up on the day and seeing how it goes?

(laughs) Yeah! There's not much you can do in advance. You have to treat it like a normal gig.

There’s a novelty element to it, but it’s also a chance for you, as a band, to do something interesting, something that’s not really been done before.

It just sounded like an interesting thing to be part of. I know people who've done the silent discos in the past but I think this is only the second time it's been done with bands.

It’s obviously about the brand promoting themselves but they need artists to work with them. There are so many competing platforms, social media networks – is it hard to decide where to put your resources?

It is - there are so many different services now. I'm an old fashioned guy: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud ...

Is there someone else in the band who's really into all the other stuff?

I do the band Twitter but, thankfully, a lot of it is handled by the record company. We just bundle it all up and hand it over for them to deal with.

That's an interesting video you've got for your new single. I'm guessing you know what's going on ...

Yeah! The girl is saving the guy! She crashes the car to save him!

It looks quite expensive, but I imagine tech allows you to do something that looks good, but on a budget.

Well, it did cost a bit. Not enough for us to be in it though! But we had a lot of input to it - making sure the actors were the right people for the part, that kind of thing.

An album quite soon then?

We still have some bits to do for it, but hopefully before too long.

You just finished up a tour with Bastille. Did that give you a taste for the bigger stage?

It was a great experience. I don't think even they were expecting the success and interest they've had this year. The shows were great and their fans were ... crazy!

Any festivals on the schedule?

A few things - we'll be playing Liverpool Sound City and there's other stuff in the works. I always thought these things would be be booked months in advance but that doesn't appear to be the case!

For more information about The Ramona Flowers, visit their website. Their new EP Lust and Lies is released on 28th April. The Deezer Bandwagon visits Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London from the 15th - 18th of this month.

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