O-Town: Lines & Circles track-by-track

Having formed on ABC reality show Making The Band and going on to sell three million albums during a four-year career, man band O-Town announced their reunion earlier this year with comeback track 'Skydive', their first new material since 2002 album O2.

Last week saw the release of their new album Lines & Circles, and we got Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, Erik-Michael Estrada and Dan Miller together to give us an exclusive track-by-track of it.

Jacob: This song is special to me. Phillip LaRue, Mark Suhonen and I had a few days to write together in San Diego and came up with some really fun songs. After a slew of ballads we are finally releasing our first uptempo dance track! We wanted to create a stripped down track that reminded us of old Michael against a soft falsetto. Phillip whipped out a few great hook lines we started working out while Mark started on the beat and within 40 minutes the song was created. It was special.

Jacob: This song was special because it’s what started the journey for us. We struggled to find a song we all agreed on and started getting discouraged. A friend of mine in San Diego, Mark Suhonen, went in his studio and laid down the track and it became something dramatic enough to find its way to being our first release in over 10 years. And now, it’s now a challenge to our fans. Our comeback has been fuelled by the now powerful team of self-titled “Skydivers” who are all taking this leap of faith with us.

Jacob: This is another song started by Phillip, Mark, and myself that Erik and Trevor later wrote their verses to. It’s not common for a pop band to put out songs that last four and a half minutes, but we didn’t want to cut anything out. The track is powerful and massive paired with a soft falsetto that creates a very eerie mood. Good luck getting this one out of your head. [laughs]

Trevor: This song is definitely one of my favourites as it is our song on this album that throws us back into the traditional pop melody with great energy... Written by Jacob, he did an amazing job with producer Mark Suhonen and Tyler Cain in creating this catchy summer pop song and we all love performing it live because of how fun it is!

Trevor: This was the first song we recorded for Lines & Circles. As soon as we all heard it we all knew this was a beautiful song that we would love to sing. It has such great emotion in it and Chizzy our producer, and C minor were amazing to work with. It has been a fan favourite so far and already has people covering it online. 'I Won't Lose' fits great with O-Town and were very happy we got to sing it...

Erik-Michael: Sometimes you just have to let you're hair down and have fun. 'Right Kind Of Wrong' can help you with that. Everyone takes the good with the bad in a relationship, hey nobody's perfect, but that doesn't mean you can't have a good time. Even if it is kind of wrong.

Dan: 'Buried Alive', with only guitars and vocals, is the most stripped-down song O-Town has ever had on an album. The band fell in love with the lyrics and melody of the song but some members of our inner circle were not initially sold. We stood our ground and once we put our vocals on the song, it was undeniable.

Trevor: This song is our only song that is a traditional big ballad that were known for. We first heard raw with just piano and immediately loved it. This song definitely has very powerful performances and has that power ballad feel we love.

Erik-Michael: A congressional group ballad of the purist form, leaning to more of the group's original sound. The four powerful voices focus on the point in a relationship when one realises they've given everything to loving someone, yet still seeming to fall short.

Erik-Michael: "Soaring", "progressive", "visual", all adjectives that have been used to describe the album's title track. Taking an introspective approach, the song allows the listener to create his or her own personal story. However at its core, it's truly a metaphor about the simplicity of life; that no matter how complicated things might become "in the end... We're [all] just lines and circles."

Lines & Circles is out now and is available on iTunes

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