"My debut album, captures a raw, honest, and unfiltered perspective on my experience" Introducing Lauren Jenkins

Hey Lauren, what have you been up to today?

Hey! I just rehearsed with a string quartet for a special event I’m planning… after this I’ll be getting ready for shows in Iowa this weekend.

Introduce yourself to our lovely readers.

Hi, I’m Lauren Jenkins, but my friends (and you) can call me LJ.

So LJ, tell us about you, where did you grow up?

I’ve been a bit of a gypsy… I was born in Texas and raised in North Carolina. I’ve been on the road since I was 15 and came to Nashville after living in NYC.

You’ve got a record coming out soon, what can you tell us about that in two sentences?

No Saint, my debut album, captures a raw, honest, and unfiltered perspective on my experience. I also expanded my story to a visual component through music videos and a short film.

What song of yours is the one you really want people to hear, and why?

I’d really like people to hear the title track, 'No Saint'. I think it’s important for all of us to be okay with our flaws.

What’s coming up for you in 2019?

I can’t wait for all the shows I have coming up. My debut album comes out the 15th of March in the US -- but we are releasing it early in the UK so everyone can buy it on site at C2C! I’ll also be releasing more videos and my short film, and I’m playing the Grand Ole Opry in March for the first time.

You’re heading to the UK next month, what are you looking forward to most?

Honestly I look forward to getting to know people I meet along the road. I love learning more about different cultures and connecting with people that live somewhere I’ve never lived or been to.

What have you heard about the C2C Country To Country festival?

I’ve been told that the fans are the absolute best. It’s always an honor to play for a crowd that appreciates music and listens.

You’re playing more than once across the weekend, is it hard to sing a number of times in 2 / 3 days or is it just like being in the studio?

The biggest difference is when you’re in the studio you’re alone… but when you’re in front of a crowd you get to feed off their energy as well. I love to play as much as I possibly can (even if that means all night)!

Do you know any of the other artists playing? Will you be hanging out with Chris Stapleton?

There’s a few I know and a few that I’ve seen around town but haven’t spent time with, so hopefully I’ll get the chance to. If I get to hang out with Chris Stapleton I’d count myself lucky. I hear he is one of the kindest.

Obviously, there’s a lot of talk about equality in general at the moment, what’s your experience of being treated differently as a woman in your industry?

I think being an artist is a hard road no matter your gender. I will say that I hope it becomes more common for people to discover new artists (especially women) and to hear them on the radio.

If you could recommend one artist to hear this week, who would it be?

Please come hang out with me, haha.

What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?

You should have asked me if I would come have a drink at the pub with everyone after the show (Yes).

Finally, how do you take your coffee?


You can catch Lauren at C2C, tickets are on sale now (you only need a wristband for the Festival Stages.

You can find out more about LJ on her website, follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook, or check out her Instagram.

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