My 2020... by Chelsea Williams

My 2020... by Chelsea Williams

Following a string of livestreams early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, Chelsea Williams also released a new record in May. We caught up with her to find out how her 2020 has been.

What’s been the most exciting thing you’ve done in 2020?

Releasing my record Beautiful and Strange in May was pretty thrilling. And what a strange time to be putting out new music. Going on a digital tour from my living room was very odd to say the least but it actually ended up being quite enjoyable. Playing music in my slippers for a worldwide streaming audience. What strange times. 

What’s been your biggest challenge of 2020?

It’s been incredibly difficult dealing with the loss of live music. And the inability to perform live for audiences. There’s just no substitute for that.

In the year of COVID, what’s the thing you’ve done more of, or done for the first time due to the pandemic?

Organizing, reorganizing, rearranging furniture... deep cleaning. Our apartment has never looked better. It sparkles.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve played music in 2020? (Or, what’s been your experience of playing live streams?)

I’ve played only a handful of live, in person shows this year. I think my favorite shows have been the streams I did back in April and May. I did a weekly live stream from home. It was really fun getting to connect with people all over the world that I never would have met at a live, in person show.

What’s the one album you’ve loved most in 2020?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Nina Simone. Her record Here Comes the Sun is out of this world. It’s a collection of cover songs that she absolutely crushes.

What’s been the song that’s most soundtracked your 2020?

I think I’ve played 'A Well Respected Man' by the Kinks at least a hundred times this year. And Frank Ocean’s version of 'Moon River' is regularly on replete in my home.

What have you hated about 2020?

I miss seeing friends and family and feeling that human connection. I miss big community events. I miss sitting with friends inside... So many things.

What are you most excited about for in 2021?

I am so excited to have some grown ass adults back in the White House. And hopefully the rebirth of live music! Fingers crossed!

Chelsea's album Beautiful and Strange was released earlier in 2020 and is available on Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify now. To find out more about Chelsea visit her website or check out her socials: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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