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Christmas records aren’t just for the cheesy old-timers and Robbie Williams, no, trendy indie singer-songwriter Molly Burch has just released hers. With that in mind, we wanted to ask her about her 2019, the year of The Molly Burch Christmas Album.

What’s been the most exciting thing you’ve done in 2019?

Recording and releasing my first full-length Christmas album, The Molly Burch Christmas Album!

What’s been your biggest challenge of 2019?


Where’s the coolest place you’ve played music in 2019?

Probably my Summer Spain/Portugal tour. 

What’s the one album you’ve loved most in 2019?

Thank u, next by Ariana Grande.

What’s been the song that’s most soundtracked your 2019?

‘Thank u, next’ by Ariana Grande 

What have you hated about 2019?

The President. 

What are you most excited about for in 2020?

Electing a new president. Hopefully Bernie Sanders!

Finally, what’s the one thing about your 2019 that you’d like to share?

I’m a broken record but I’m so excited about my Christmas album!!!

To find out more about Molly, her live dates, and her music check out her website. You should also follow her socials and listen to her Christmas album on Spotify and Tidal.

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Max Mazonowicz

Updated: Dec 02, 2019

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