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Göteborg, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Montreal, Minneapolis, Paris, New York, Glasgow. Aah it’s been a tough few weeks for me and the Matmobile roaming the globe and tracking down the hottest new pop stars for you our cute ‘n’ frisky readership. Today for example, I am sat in a glitzy members only nightspot in Athens waiting for a chat ‘n’ giggle with Greece’s finest purveyors of glamorous dynamo synth pop, Marsheaux. You see the duo – Sophie and Marianthi – have just unveiled their impressive third album, the elegant, sophisticated Lumineux Noir. Barman, line ’em up! This could be a long night. Oh, the hardships of being on the frontline of pop!

Yia sas! Welcome Marsheaux! Can you please introduce yourself, tell us your earliest memory and your favourite word?

Hello we are Sophie and Marianthi (aka Marsheaux) from Greece. We have a lot of fun with our electro pop group.

Our earliest memories? For Marianthi, experiencing an earthquake in my hometown Thessaloniki and for Sophie, eating chocolate!

Marsheaux’s favourite words? Sophie’s is Sokolata (the Greek word for chocolate) and for Marianthi, Diakopes (vacation).

For British music fans new to the amazing electropop of Marsheaux what can they expect from your third album Lumineux Noir and what albums should they file it between on their shelves?

We hope they enjoy Lumineux Noir. It’s pure electropop with an Eighties flavor. Then they will discover Peek A Boo and Ebay Queen. It’s best if they file them alphabetically between Robert Marlow and Martha and The Muffins.

You’re massive fans of (mostly) British electro-pop from the early ’80s like Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Human League – how did this music first come into your lives and why is it so appealling?

Because it was the soundtrack of our youth. We grew up with Duran Duran, Adam And The Ants, Soft Cell, OMD, Depeche Mode, Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones, Tears For Fears and reading Record Mirror, Smash Hits and No1.

The soundrack of our lives was always pop. It comes out into our music. It’s obvious.

Why do you think there has been such a resurgence in synthpop recently? Could it be the grim times we’re living in making people want to look forward, to escape and maybe have some glamour in their lives?

Synthpop is growing because the philosophy of it is writing songs whith a melody that you can sing along to. This is the whole point of music. The hype with the DJs / Remixers will eventually pass by and people will get back to listening to songs again. The relation between club music and the listener is very superficial. If we were talking about 20 years ago then yes music was an escape from ‘everyday-ness’. Today, glamour is related to hip-hop and R&B.

Do you feel part of this electronic renaissance (La Roux, Little Boots, Ladytron, etc) and who do you admire most in the “new breed”?

Yes we feel part of it, although people dont know about us a lot. We like the Aussie pop scene (Cut Copy, Presets, Empire Of The Sun). Between La Roux, Little Boots and Ladyhawke, we prefer Little Boots.

Historically there haven’t been many Greek bands in the UK / US charts – what’s the music scene like in Greece and are there any other hot bands we should be checking out?

We remembered Nana Mouskouri’s Only Love at No2 in the UK charts and of course Vangelis at No1 with Chariots Of Fire. We hope to be the third to have a top 10.

Greek pop is full of hidden treasures. New and old. Itenef / Fotonovela / Kid Moxie / Serafim Tsotsonis / Carpe Diem / Proxies / Etten. But you must check music from some Greek composers like Xenakis (who actually is the first one back before Stockhousen) Xarhakos, Hatzidakis and Theodorakis.

You’ve remixed some pretty big stars such as Katy Perry, OMD, Moby, Client, Kylie, Depeche Mode and Gwen Stefani. Which mix were you most pleased with and is there anybody left on the wishlist?

The best for us is Depeche Mode’s Pain That I’m Used To. Although this one never been released officially, the DM fans voted it as the best remix to this song.

Also Kylie’s remix is great. We love remixing other people’s songs. We put the Marsheaux elements on them. Our wish list is big but we focus into our stuff.

Can you tell us about Marsheaux’s live show and do you have any crazy tour tales to tell our readers?

Actually we haven’t been touring that much. We were always negative in tour proposals for lives.We did only a few, but now we realised what we were missing . So, there are no crazy tour tales. Maybe if you ask us again in a year,we will have a lot of stories to tell…

We had a great time though with Client two years ago while touring all Germany.

If Marsheaux could borrow Marty McFly’s Delorean what point in history would you visit and why?

OK, all is music related of course:

1. Return to Macclesfield on 18th May 1980 to prevent Ian Curtis’ suicide.

2. Going back to see Fad Gadget and Depeche Mode live at Bridgehouse in 1980.

3. One night at Blitz and at Billy’s (legendary early ’80s nightclubs).

4. Going to Tears For Fears’ studio during the recording of The Hurting.

5. Meeting Phil Oakey (Human League) when he was looking for the two girl singers and during the recordings of Dare.

The album includes the single Ghost – Have you had any ‘spooky’ experiences in real life and would you consider yourself spiritual people?

Sophie was kidnapped by aliens when she was nine. The back of her head is flat due to the experiments. She broke the news to Marianthi whilst travelling with parents to Italy and they suddenly found themselves in a spaceship to Kalkuta!!

Just kidding!!!

For anybody reading this who’s stuck in some boring office job and dreaming of starting their own glamorous electropop band what advice would you give them?

We’ve been there. We got together, we bought magazines with free software and bought some really cheap equipments (Casiotone,TR606..) and started experimenting. We had been lucky with a little help of our friends and the rest of it is history. Everything is into our minds. It’s only a simple decision to make.

When Marsheaux take over the world what things will you change and what laws will be passed?

1. Save the enviroment.

2. Free education for all and free medical insurance for all.

3. No starving people.

4. No sex until Marriage (just kidding)

Finally, you’re both well travelled musicians. If our readers wanted to have the night of their life anywhere in the world where should they go and what should they do?

Anywhere in the Greek islands during the summertime with good company. They will have an unforgettable time….

Blimey has it just got hot in here or is it me? Right whose round is it anyway? Same again? Crisps?? I dunno, I’ll ask the barmaid what they’ve got.

Marsheaux’s sparkling third album Lumineux Noir is out now. The previous two albums – particularly 2007’s fab Peek A Boo – are well worth checking out too. More info at Marsheaux’s MySpace.

Matt James

Updated: Aug 10, 2009

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