Love Is All count the bruises

Sweden’s indie pop band Love Is All released their latest album 'Two Thousand and Ten Injuries' last week on Polyvinyl Records. Here’s frontwoman and songwriter Josephine Olausson’s track-by-track guide to their fourth release, explaining how break-ups, Swedish winters, royalty and shady characters all informed the record.

1) ‘Bigger Bolder’

“This felt like the given opening track once we started thinking about the sequencing of the album. It's a pretty straightforward love song, about how it doesn't make sense to make sense of love.”

2) ‘Repetition’

“‘Repetition’ is a song about the dreary Swedish winters. How the slightest change in weather can make you ridiculously excited.”

3) ‘Never Now’

“This song is about the feeling of never being content in the moment, about dreading the future while trying to get away from he past.”

4) ‘Less Than Thrilled’

“Less than thrilled is about the stupid aftermath of a break-up, when you are too petty to be content with someone else's happiness, even though you were the one leaving.”

5) ‘Early Warnings’

“‘Early Warnings’ is all about the feeling of just wanting to go back to bed.” 

6) ‘False Pretense’

“This song is a fictional story about a friend with shady background. I really like how this song is so simple in it's form, I can't help but think of a bunch of drunken sailors when I hear it.”

7) ‘The Birds Were Singing With All Their Might’

“This song has sort of a distanced feel to it I think, like someone sad watching the world from a distance. The lyrics, as well as the music, have a pretty dreamy feeling to them.”

8) ‘Again, Again’

“This song is about making time pass while hopelessly waiting for someone to call.”

9) ‘Kungen’

“This is a true story about the time I spotted the Swedish king from the window of a bus in Gothenburg. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life.”

10) ‘A Side In A Bed’

“This song is about the desperate longing of being two, about having someone to share the most mundane things with.”

11) ‘Dust’

“This is about someone drowning in their own mess.”

12) ‘Take Your Time’

“I feel like this is a breakup song, about finally realizing that one has had enough.”

Pic by: Fredrick Johnsen

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