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In the world of hip-hop you don't get much more of an endorsement than the seal of approval from Kanye West himself. So, on the cusp of her album release Adrian caught up with Kid Sister to understand her plans to dominate the UK.


Hey Kid Sister, how are you?

Good thank you, and you?

Great thanks. There’s a lot going on in your music, how do you describe your sound?

Electronic hip-hop is how I describe my sound. Hip-hop that you don’t have to be afraid to dance to.

And why should our readers be rushing out to buy your album?

Because I wanna get that summer-shape back. My album will make you shake your ass until you lose 10lbs. So if you wanna kill in the summer, just buy my album.

Weight loss included - I like your thinking. What are you musical influences and how do they inform what you do as an artist?

I am influenced by Chicago disco house of the mid to late 1990’s. Well, anything from lyrics to core progression to the harmonies I choose is influenced by that style of music and that period.

I can hear some UK dubstep in there – are you a fan of the genre?

Yeah for sure. I am lucky enough to count Rusko and Caspa as some of my friends and contemporaries and am really fortunate to be surrounded by such visionary artists.

Has dubstep made much on an impact in the US?

Yeah dubstep is just now really blowing up in the mainstream - so yeah it is big now. Which is great because it is about time mainstream America embraces something a little different from what we hear on the radio everyday.

So how did you come up with the name Kid Sister?

There is no real crazy story behind it. I didn’t know what to call myself so I needed my brother’s help and he came up with it, although he is my younger brother - so it is kinda funny but not that funny.

Kanye has taken you under his wing. How did you first meet him?

I met him after he got on my song at the Live Aid concert in New York through A-Trak.

What’s the most useful piece of advice he gave you?

He didn’t really give me advice, although he did help shape the album. He listened to it and gave his critique, which wasn’t advise per say, but was way more helpful. That is not the kind of feedback you come across everyday.

Do up and coming artists ever ask you for advice on how to make it? If so what do you tell them?

Sometimes. I tell them just to stay true to themselves as cheesy as that sounds because there is only one you and no one else can recreate that.

Do you think it’s still the case that female hip-hops artists have to work harder than the boys to be taken seriously?

Female everything has to work harder than everyone to do anything.

What’s a typical day-in-the-life of Kid Sister?

Wake up. Walk the dog come home and write. BBQ…Beer. Sometimes not in that order.

You don’t want to do the BBQ before you wake up, that could cause problems. Where do your lyrics come from? Do you consciously sit and write or does stuff come to you from out of the blue?

I consciously sit and write and when I am not writing I’m thinking of things I can write later. It is definitely mule work, you have to hitch up your load and haul it to the top of the mountain or else nothing will get done.

What’s your favourite lyric of all time?

It is by an Oakland Rapper, named Mistah Fab called ‘Ghostride It’. And a lyric I love starts out like this…
“Go dumb. Go crazy. Who’s that drivin? Patrick Swayze “

There’s a mobile communication theme in your work with ‘Telephone’ and ‘Beeper’ are you someone who finds being always available a real intrusion?

No. I like it. I like being connected. I like talking to people. I am a communicator.

Your success really has transformed your life – do you ever pinch yourself to see if it’s all a dream?

Only on the ass everyday [laughs]!! I'm joking!! But yes it is surreal sometimes. I feel so lucky and blessed.

Thanks for your time and best of luck with everything. How does the rest of 2010 look for you?

Um, scary - but I suppose that is a good thing because I am going to be losing my mind trying to deal with my schedule. Lot’s of touring, lot’s of writing and recording. Lot’s of meeting new people and making new friends. Lot’s of love.

Ultraviolet is released on the 3rd of May.

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