Jon Kane's Top Ten Albums of 2004

Jon Kane presents his opinion on the Top Ten albums of 2004.

In alphabetical order:

Electrelane – The Power Out

Electrelane are an all-girl electro-rock band and are active and vocal proponents of female involvement in music. Adding vocals to their sound for ‘The Power Out’ (Their second album) was a masterstroke giving a more pop-like structure to their songs, which their debut album was missing. Creating lots of buzz at the start of the year (2004), Electrelane will be a band you’ll be hearing much more about in 2005 with a third album and an extensive touring schedule planned.

Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

2004 was their year with ‘Take Me Out’ being one of the best singles of the year. Any one of the songs on it could have been released as a single. It still sounds as fresh now as it did when it was first released. Their second album is currently being recorded in a secret location and will be released in 2005.

Gin Palace - Kicking On

A raw, gutsy and intense record containing some of the most primal and raucous songs of 2004 that obliterated all comers in the process. Hoist the Gin Palace flag, there’s a new band in town, cut-throat and set to rip it up and snag all the booty in 2005. Check them out live, this band are loud!

Ikara Colt - Modern Apprentice

This band are the epitome of cool. 'Modern Apprentice' their latest release, spawned one of the singles of the year in 'Modern Feeling' and the track 'Day Draws Thin' has some of the best drumming I've heard in a song from the past year. They have now sadly decided to split up.

Mr Airplane Man - C'Mon Dj

A heavenly mix of raw guitars and sublime female vocals grabs you from start to finish when listening to this record. Mr Airplane Man with ‘C’Mon Dj’ created an amazing album full of garage blues gunning for your soul. They're currently recording new material and will be touring Europe in the Spring. Live Review.

Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll

In an indifferent year for dance music, Mylo rose from the crowd and dropped one of the dance albums of the year on an unsuspecting British record buying public. After being taken by surprise and recovering from our slightly sore heads we danced our socks off to it. Lost property departments are heaving under the weight of thousands of lost socks and company bosses are wondering why their young employees are turning up to work in non-matching socks. Well-done Mylo.

Neils Children - Change/Return/Success

These psychedelic garage rock young upstarts terrorised London and beyond with their brutally chaotic gigs. See them live if you can.

Ratatat - Ratatat

A band whom along with !!! (Chk Chk Chk) try to bridge elements of rock by fusing them with electro beats. Ratatat did it more successfully and also managed to sound in part like a modern classical composer with their classical songwriting structures. Live Review.

The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls

German cabaret Goth-rock act The Dresden Dolls made an album very different to everything else that got released in 2004 and for that they have to be applauded. Fresh, vital with careering piano riffs and haunting female vocals, its all there to discover on the album. A band to look out for in 2005.

The Futureheads - The Futureheads

An album full of catchy songs. Quite a few of which were released as singles. Great titles and timeless songs, which will give them a good platform from which to build on for their second album hopefully due for release sometime in 2005.

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