One year on, relive one of our favourite exclusive live shows - Jemma Johnson: Live From Indoors!

The Digital Fix as you know it is drawing to a close, but like a phoenix from the ashes it is set to return. While we wait for the site to undergo its transformation we're taking a look back over the archive of the site and highlighting some of the best features and articles from the last two decades...

Last May, Jemma Johnson, put on an amazing show exclusively for TDF to raise money in the height of the first Covid 19 lockdown. You can rewatch the entire two hour show above - it was brilliant.

Jemma has been building a strong following on YouTube thanks to her fantastic collection of original tracks and covers so we're really excited to have her playing for the site. She's a fantastic songwriter and performer.

Since playing live for us she has released a number of brilliant singles which are all available to buy and stream from the usual retailers. You can listen to one of her best right here...

You can find out more about Jemma on Bandcamp and you can follow her on her social media: Patreon | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook

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