"It’s meant to be played loud. We gave it everything we had" We chat with William The Conqueror

Hey Ruarri, how the devil are you?

Devilish thank you.

Happy release day! (Or close to) What did you get up to on Friday 5th?

My wife worked a pretty brutal night shift, so I spent the day telling the kids and the cats to be quiet. Then I ate fish and chips.

Let’s get straight in there; tell us something about you that we don't know.

Because of an episode of MacGyver, I don’t like ants.

What can you tell me about Maverick Thinker in two sentences?

It’s meant to be played loud. We gave it everything we had.

Cracking album by the way, there are two songs in particular that grabbed me immediately, first was ‘Quiet Life’, what can you tell me about that song?

Thank you. It came from my mum having an accident, and what parent/child role reversal does to your memories. 

Second was actually the next track, ‘Wake Up’, what’s the story to that song?

'Wake Up' ties in with the novel, which is about a boy that can’t tell what’s real and what’s a dream. In the novel he wakes up in New Zealand and falls in love with the first girl that speaks to him. As the song suggests, it doesn’t turn out well.

Which was the first song you wrote for the album?

I honestly couldn’t tell you. The riff for 'Move On' was kicking around for a long time, but then so were the lyrics for the title track. Sorry! 

How was recording in Sound City Studios? 

Once we’d taken in the spectacle and shaken off the awe, we pretended we had every right to be there and got into it. Everything works. Every instrument has a history. Joseph (our engineer/producer) knows the place like the back of his tennis shoes, so the workflow is easy and constant. That’s how we were able to get so much done before the kibosh. It’s a very special place and it was a privilege to be invited. Definitely some unfinished business though.  

You’re from Cornwall originally, home of The Fisherman's Friends. What’s the music scene like in the far wilds of Cornwall?

I’m not originally from here, I was born in Edinburgh. Do you mean what WAS the music scene like? Presently the music scene is the same as everywhere else – on its arse. I don’t like to get my hopes up, but I’ve heard the word festival a few times lately. Cornwall does a great festival.

I believe you wrote most of the album there as well, how did that translate; written in Cornwall, recorded in LA!

Both of those places you mention are on the same planet and populated by humans.

Most people these days bang on about streaming numbers, what does success look like to you?

Haven’t they got something better to talk about? There’s no success like failure, and failure’s no success at all.

Who (or what) inspires you?

It depends what I’m trying to do.

What kind of music do you listen to in your spare time?

The same kind of music I listen to in my not spare time.

If you could recommend one artist to hear this week, who would it be?

The Comet Is Coming.

What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?

How do you take your coffee?

Finally, how do you take your coffee?


To find out more about the band you can check out their website.

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