"It’s all about the storytelling and the truth in the lyric" We chat with The Wandering Hearts

With their first album out now, and a UK-wide tour that takes in London's venerable Bush Hall, we caught up with new Brit-country foursome The Wandering Hearts to talk all things music, touring, and just what to expect from that excellent debut.

Hello there The Wandering Hearts, how the devil are you?

Hey! Very good thanks.

What have you been up to today?

We’re at The Premises in Hackney putting together our setlist for our headline tour that starts next weekend in Bristol!! 

What can you tell us about your debut, Wild Silence, in two sentences?

It’s all about the storytelling and the truth in the lyric for us. The album’s got something for everyone – from dark, folky tunes to up-tempo catchy hooks – and we are so excited for everyone to hear it.

If people could only listen to one track from record, which would you suggest?

'Change For The Good'. It’s a track that no-one will have heard yet and it has quite a powerful message. I think it’s our most mature sounding song on the record and it’s one of our faves! 

My favourite track is ‘Rattle’, what can you tell me about that song?

Thanks! 'Rattle' is one of the first songs we ever wrote as a band. We knew it was a good song but felt something was missing so we reworked it a few times to get it right. Now it’s our favourite to perform live.

How do you approach writing and/or selecting songs for the record?

We are at our best when we write together as a four. It’s a pretty organic process. We wrote about 50 songs for the record so thought it was going to be really hard to narrow it down to 12 but once the singles where chosen, the songs that fit next to them kind of fell into place.

What’s your preferred heartbreak hotel, a Premier Inn or Travelodge?

Let’s just say we have had some experiences at both…!

Does how people listen to music these days matter? Or are you happy for people to just hear you?

There are so many different ways to listen these days, I don’t think it matters, as long as people are listening! When we listen to our mixes, we always listen through lots of different headphones and speakers – we can’t control what people will listen on but we can make sure we are happy with it.

When was the last time you were starstruck?

We met Robert Plant at the Americana Awards last week. That was pretty surreal! We got to share the stage with him and all the other performers on the night to sing Tom Petty’s ‘Wildflowers’. It was a moment for sure.  

Have you been to Nashville?

Not yet…but we are going in June!  We toured with Marty Stuart last year and he’s invited us over to play with him. Cannot wait to get over there!

You’ve just been announced for Country To Country 2018, how exciting is that?

Oh, we had the best time last year and we are so happy to be heading back!! The line-up is incredible and the fans are so welcoming. Will be a fun weekend.

You’re also doing a short tour of the UK soon, where’s your favourite place to play?

Oooh, that’s a tricky one. As it’s our first headline tour, we’re excited for all the shows, but Birmingham has always been fun for us…and it was the first show to sell out, so I’m sure it’ll be a good night!

If you could listen to one song today what would it be?

Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake – 'Say Something'


What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?

Pineapple on pizza…? I’m kidding, we get asked that too often.

Finally, how do you take your coffee? (Or alcohol?)

Black (or on the rocks).

You can hear the band's debut album on all good streaming services, or buy from stores now. For more details on the band visit their website, follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook. They're touring the UK now.

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