“Iron Maiden did a live album four albums into their career, we felt the time was right to do it now ” – In Conversation with Tribulation

A work ethic like no other has meant Swedish band Tribulation have slowly but surely worked their way up to the biggest stages and world tours out there in 2019. Last year’s Down Below brought critical acclaim from all areas of media whether from Metal Hammer or the broadsheets. Having recently released their first live album Alive & Dead at Sodra Teatern we spoke to the band after their set supporting Ghost in Cardiff.

Here we are in Cardiff at the Motorpoint Arena, the venue is great but we have a castle down the road, how cool would that be to play!

It’s our first time in Wales actually so if we play anywhere in the country it has to be the capital! We haven’t seen the castle though, we went to the shopping mall instead! (laughs).

Next time you play here you’ll have to paly the castle, there’s nothing more metal than a castle!

Yeah, we would fit right in there, walking around the parapets playing our songs.

What do you prefer, arena or club shows?

Both are good, very different, audiences are far away in arenas so we don’t get scared because the crowd is so far away. We prefer the larger stages because you have the freedom to move about and express yourself more. Club shows are great as well because they are hot and sweaty but that can be a problem sometimes too.

It was quite a long set for a band first on a three-band bill, usually its a lot shorter. How did that come about?

Yeah, it was one of the demands of this tour that we have a slightly longer set and Ghost were more than accommodating on that front. It feels a little bit silly doing like a 20-minute set because if that was the case we would be able to fit in about three songs and that’s just not enough time. Ghost didn’t have to accept that request but they did, we probably wouldn’t have done the tour if it was shorter. We want to show more than three songs, its really important to us.

You’ve been around for 15 years at this point, how do you stay together as a group like yours for that length of time?

15 years ago we were all kids and we have all gone to the same schools and towns. It’s a major part of our life and we have been through a lot together. The area we are from is where we all lived, it’s almost like if you don’t come from this town you can’t be in Tribulation! (laughs)

You are currently on tour with Ghost, you’ve covered songs in your past, what song of Ghosts would you like to cover and what would you like them to cover of yours?

Ooooooooo good questions! (laughs) Monstrous Clock or Year Zero, Zombie Queen would be good, and ours would be a good version of Strange Gateways Beckon I’d like to see them try that!

You’ve just released your first live album. Talk to me about its creation.

It came from us rather than a label idea. We had a show booked in Stockholm and as we have lived there for 10 years we always try to put on something special. We booked this really cool venue an old theatre, we did a show in two acts with an intermission, the bells and whistles. Iron Maiden did their lives album after four records we decided to do it as our fifth!

What’s the future like for Tribulation?

We have some dates in Russia in January next year and then it’s onto new things and new music!

Tribulations’s new live album Alive & Dead at Sodra Teatern is out wherever music is sold and streamed. For further information on Tribulation head on over to their official site.


Updated: Nov 24, 2019

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“Iron Maiden did a live album four albums into their career, we felt the time was right to do it now ” – In Conversation with Tribulation | The Digital Fix