Introducing...The Tricks

We've just the thing to brighten up this dreary Tuesday as we bring to you the video premiere of London pop-rockers The Tricks' debut single 'Just For The Summer'.

The track is out as part of a double A-side with 'Remember Me' on February 6th through Unison Music Group. Check out the video below and we think you'll find a track that - easy pun alert - isn't just for the summer with its perky energy and catchy sing along chorus.

And almost like we've planned it, once you've checked out the video, read on for our intro interview with Joel Hodge, Ashley Hodge, John Bisset and Eliot Crabtree, collectively known as The Tricks.

What's your earliest musical memory?

Eliot: My Dad DJ-ing at my uncles works christmas party in a graphics design studio in Soho. I was probably about five years old and just ran around the place dancing and stealing cake. The police turned up at around midnight after there had been complaints about the volume. Apparently my Dad just pointed at me and my brother and sister who were all asleep in front of the P.A. system to prove it wasn't too loud. Also Blur on TOTP and maybe that Take That Video with all the jelly...

Ash: My earliest musical memory would be when I started to learn drums. It was just before my tenth birthday. My first kit was a Peavey, and I started lessons at my local music shop, probably the best thing I ever did!

John: Probably dancing to the Neighbours theme tune with my little brothers, Kylie/Donovan era… or listening to Bob Marley in my mum’s car on the way to John Lewis.

Joel: There’s three things I remember vividly from primary school involving music that were all probably around the same time: Robbie leaving Take That, my dad buying me 'What’s The Story (Morning Glory)' by Oasis on cassette and watching Bon Jovi on Top Of The Pops performing ‘Always’ at the top of Niagara Falls.

If you could hold a recording session with any five artists, who would you choose and why?

John: Wow, that’s a tough one! Elvis – apparently he was a great producer and arranger as well as being Elvis…and to see if he was as crazy as everyone says he was. Michael Jackson – to see if he was as much of a genius as they say he was. Keith Richards – Just to hang with him really… Hero! Graham Coxon – killer guitarist… I’d enjoy having a little jam with him. Shit! Prince! Would be interested to see the little man at work… apparently he’s unbelievable in the studio. I would love to watch him take over the whole fuckin’ show.

Joel: It would be great to get a bunch of classic songwriters together for a recording session wouldn’t it? See how that dynamic would work. Put Springsteen, Costello and Dylan in a room together to do the writing and share vocals and guitars, then stick Paul Simonon and Tony Allen in there to lay down the rhythm track. Imagine the lyrics!

Eliot: Dudley Moore. I love Derek and Clive so much. I used to listen to the records back to back in my room all night when I should have been doing college work. He was an incredibly accomplished musician so I’d put him on the piano and knock out a few dark humour songs. Lemmy. Purely because I think he'd be hilarious. I'd either have him on bass or the flesh bongos (AKA the bare bottom drums). Topper Headon. The human Drum Machine. The Clash have always been a great inspiration for me so I have to have one of them in here. I can't go for Joe Strummer or Mick Jones cause they'd take over and I can't choose Paul Simonon as I already have Lemmy on the bass so Topper’s in by default. Aretha Franklin. Her voice is amazing…so distinctive and so powerful. Bakithi Kumalo. He was the bassist on 'You Can Call Me Al' by Paul Simon, I think that explains that choice.

Ash: Dave Grohl - one of my heroes, would be amazing to spend a day with him in a studio. Taylor Hawkins - incredible drummer, be able to have a massive drum off and lose. John Paul Jones - fantastic bass player. John Bonham - if he was still alive, would be cool just to watch him play. See how loud he was. Phil Lynott - seemed like a cool guy, would be fun to sit down and play.

You want to describe your music to a stranger on the street, who do you compare yourself to?

Joel: Our influences are Springsteen, The Clash, Blur, The Strokes, Costello, The Police etc. We don’t sound very much like any of those influences as a whole but each inform aspects of what makes us the band that we are.

You are going to live on a desert island for a year, which three albums do you take with you?

John: Forty LicksRolling Stones (It’s a double album - is that cheating?), Room On Fire by The Strokes and NOW 39.

Ash: If I was living on a desert island for a year, ideally I would like more than three albums (!), but three I would have to have would be Michael Jackson - Bad for certain, as it has many classic Jackson pop hits. Arcade Fire The Suburbs is also an album I can listen to all the way through. And then probably Kings Of Leon Because Of The Times. This album had a big impact on me when it first came out, good solid rock album. This was a tough question.

Joel: Born To Run by Springsteen - an album in which I love all the tracks…lyrically the album is amazing. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd is an album I enjoy getting lost in. My third choice would be Funeral by Arcade Fire which is an immense debut album.

Eliot: The Strokes - Is This It; I'd probably be alright with just this one. Bob DylanDesire and BlurParklife.

Everyone has a defining music moment, one that lives on in the memory, what is yours?

Joel: I suppose the defining moment for me musically is the first time I ever played music live. I was about 16, it was in my hometown, at a club owned by one of my best mates. We played mainly covers but threw in one or two original songs and we went down really well to a room full of school friends. I don’t think from that moment on I was ever seriously going to do anything with my life other than music.

John: So far – our gig at Bush Hall last year. We knew we had to impress, we gave it absolutely everything we had and we played brilliantly…it got us our record deal.

Ash: A defining music moment for me would be when I saw Kings Of Leon play Reading Festival 2007. They were on the main stage supporting headliners Razorlight. They had just released their third album and I will always remember that set. They should have headlined, they were better than Razorlight. This is when I realised I wanted to be in a band playing at their level.

What is the best gig you've ever been to and why?

John: Really hard one…I think I will have to say…err…BRMC at Somerset House, three or four years ago. I wasn’t expecting them to be as good as they were. They are such a great live band, such a beautiful setting and time of my life. Think I was quite happily stoned at the time too! [laughs]

Eliot: Reading 2002. erm, does that count as a gig? Was such an amazing line up. The Strokes, White Stripes, Interpol, YYY's, Weezer, Pulp, The Vines, 80's Matchbox, Libertines and loads of other great bands. If I had to choose a single gig maybe Blur at Brixton Academy or The Strokes at ULU.

Ash: The best gig I’ve been to in terms of performance, sound and my seating would have to be Gorillaz at the O2 arena. The sound was incredible and the performance was exceptional, along with the visual aspect. Love Damon Albarn but Mick Jones and Paul Simonon looked brilliant on stage. Seeing them play was pretty special, it’s the closest I’ll ever be to seeing The Clash.

Joel: Bruce Springsteen at Hyde Park was incredible. A consummate performer, holding eighty thousand people in the palm of his hand.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

John: It’s hard to say really, I’ve realised over the last few years that you really can’t guess what the future holds for you. I’m sure we will all achieve our goals if we work hard and go for it. Looking forward to an unpredictably exciting ride to get to wherever though…

Ash: Personally, in five years time I would have liked to have released a couple of albums, maybe even three with The Tricks, depending on how well the first record goes. It’s very hard to tell where we’ll be, we’ll have to wait and see where our lives take us. Exciting!

Joel: In five years time, I see myself playing music. As I do in ten years time. I would love to have the opportunity of a long career in music because I feel I have a lot still to achieve. I want to improve as a songwriter, a singer and a guitar player.

Eliot: In an AA meeting.

If we were to look at your MP3 player, what is the most embarrassing track or album that we'd find?

Eliot: There are some I feel fully ashamed of but they probably aren't as embarrassing as having Take That - 'Shine' on there. I remember putting my iPod on in a shop I used to work in on Oxford Street, Take That came on. I never really lived that moment down.

John: Probably Michael Bublé…oh hang on…Go West - dunno how it got there…Joel??

Joel: Go West are not embarrassing! They’re amazing! I notice Ash has Jennifer Lopez - 'If I Had Your Love' on his iTunes which is pretty bad.

Ash: On my iTunes, the most embarrassing album you would find would probably be Essential 90’s R&B anthems. Although it actually has some brilliant songs on there, there are others such as Usher and Missy Elliot which I would never ever listen to.

How would you sell your debut double A-side single 'Just For The Summer / Remember Me' to us?

John: Hypnotic pop rock ditties. Just try to get them out of your head - you’ll always come back begging for more. [laughs]

Ash: I would describe the 'Just For The Summer / Remember Me single' as a happy dance pop single, with hooks all over the place that you will struggle to get out of your head.

What's next for The Tricks?

Joel: We have a UK tour starting in Cardiff on January 26th and finishing in London on February 11th which is going to be mega fun. Then the album to follow in the summer…

'Just For The Summer / Remember Me' is out on February 6th. Find out more about The Tricks at either their official website - or their Facebook -

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