Introducing...A Genuine Freakshow

Reading-based oddball pop collective A Genuine Freakshow have been touring their socks off this year, marching up and down the country to perform their epic, joy-filled little ditties. We caught up with singer Tim Sutcliffe to find out a little more about the band and what's in store for the future... including the singers love for Will Young.

If you could hold a recording session with any five artists, who would you choose?

I think I'd probably take this opportunity to try and write the best song ever, so I'd have:

Dolly Parton
Thom Yorke
Martin Grech
Regina Spektor
Paul McCartney

As an aside, I think we'd probably have Nigel Godrich twiddling the knobs in the studio.

You want to describe A Genuine Freakshow to a stranger on the street, what do you say?

Street you say? “Well bruv, we've got bare instruments like violins and t'ing. We'll blow your head off fam!”

You are going to live on a desert island for a year - which three albums do you take with you?

Mono-You Are There
Toy-The Thing

Everyone has a defining music moment, one that lives on in the memory - what is yours?

About five years ago I saw Radiohead at Earls Court and Tom McRae at Shepherds Bush two days later. It was my first time seeing both of them and I'd never seen anything like it. Within a few days Simon and I decided to start making music together, so I think that weekend had a profound effect on me.

What is the best gig you've ever been to and why?

Pink Floyd at Live 8 because I never thought I'd get to see them.

If we were to look at your MP3 player, what is the most embarrassing track or album that we'd find?

I've just had a scroll through the old iPhone and I've got to be honest, it's all killer, no filler on there! Some people mock me for my love of Will Young so I reckon maybe you could count that? I saw him at Glastonbury a few years ago with his full band and they were incredible. I also think he's been given some of the best pop songs of the last few years.

Where do you see the band in five years time?

Watching our bass player keep goal for a professional football team - he's honestly that good!

What three words would you use to describe the experience of seeing A Genuine Freakshow live?

Loud, crowded (on stage!), bespectacled.

What's next for A Genuine Freakshow?

We've just finished a bunch of festivals, and release our new double A-side single ‘Our Bodies / New Houses’ on 26th September. We'll also be playing some shows in September, October and November to try out some new songs in front of an audience.

Find A Genuine Freakshow at their official site and Facebook.

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