Introducing... Man Like Me

It's an ungodly hour but already the jungle drums are beating to a very particular rhythm - one that says Man Like Me. You may already be more aware of them than you think - that's them in the Ikea advert doing 'Kitchen At Parties'. Yeah, you're with us now. I know it's early but you're not going to get anywhere without appearing to be interested.

Man Like Me have their debut album at the tweaking stage and they've got none other than The Streets man Mike Skinner in to do some of that stuff with faders and buttons that producers or whoever do. A teaser single, 'Squeeze' is promised in May. We expect big things!

We caught up with Man Like Me's Pete and Johnny to discuss the pressing matters of the day.

What's your earliest musical memory?

Pete: I remember listening 'Cherry Oh Baby' by UB40 and enjoying it a lot. Also remember being convinced that Michael Jackson was a girl.

Johnny: 'Absolute Beginners" by David Bowie. Apparently, they were my first words.

You seem like a pair of particularly dapper gentlemen. Do you have any fashion tips for a (Fat) Man Like Me?

Pete: We get a lot of stuff from eBay, and one thing I always notice is that most of the good stuff on there is usually a size XL.

I think what happens is that larger gentlemen optimistically buy a size too small and they never get worn. I have a wardrobe full of 34" trousers. Tell us an interesting fact about Mr Mike Skinner.

Pete: We've only met him twice so don't really know him well enough to start reeling off the facts. I met up with him to do a bit of work on 'Squeeze' and I arrived in a fairly new pair of Workouts and he told me a story about how he used to be sponsored by Reebok and that when he signed the deal he asked for a new pair everyday. He then got sent seven pairs once a week and had to cancel the order by the 2nd week as it all got a bit too much. He also wakes up extremely early in the morning. God, I hope he does't read this.

I think it's safe enough to say he won't. I think we've found your MP3 player. Anything on there that shouldn't be?

Pete: Where do I begin? Shania Twain 'You're Still The One', REM 'Nightswimming', Katy Perry 'Fireworks', two T-Pain albums. I could keep going...

Johnny: At the moment it's 'Gentle On My Mind' by Dean Martin and 'Venus as a Boy' by Bjork.

You've caused all kinds of consternation at the suggestion that Bjork is as down with the kids as Shania. What kind of magic should we expect from your debut album?

Johnny: There ain't no magic, there's just a few random feelings expressed. Perhaps not in the best way, but in the only way we knew how at the time.

We actually spend more time thinking about food than music - and it shows. You've opened the fridge and it's empty. Big up the local restaurant or takeaway that saves the day.

Pete: Chinese isn't usually my first choice but Gourmet San on Bethnal Green Road is very good. Anything on the menu that says 'BBQ' on it is worth ordering.

Johnny: Big shout out to Paprika on Balls Pond Road. £1.99 chicken tikka wrap! Fucking win!

Band fight! Who wins?

Pete: This is actually happening quite a lot recently. The last 14 years of being friends is really taking its toll. It's extremely embarrassing for all involved therefore I'd say we both lose every time.

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