Introducing... Be Like Pablo

Who ate all the pies? The good people of Forres, nr. Inverness probably did, given that those served up at Forres Mechanics FC's ground were awarded 2012's Scottish Football Pie Club's 'Best Pie Award.'

So that's the savoury taken care of. Time for something sweeter? How about the insulin-straining charms of local outfit Be Like Pablo, whose new single 'Without The Pain' (out on 26th August), is a fine taster for their singular take on Weezer-esque power pop-isms. (Have you ever experienced the wonder that is a Scottish apple (or maybe rhubarb) pie? It's just an apple pie, but it comes in a crisp Scotch pie shell. It will kill you.)

Anyway, enough food talk. We caught up with BLP in advance of the single release. Any opportunity to pimp a Scottish band, basically.


Please introduce yourselves to the Digital Fix massive and let us know what the last thing was that you ate.

My name is Ewen Watson, I sing and play guitar in Be Like Pablo and I have just eaten some grapes.

What does your new single 'Without The Pain' tell us about the whole BLP experience?

'Without the Pain' is fun and full of energy: just like our band! It has loud guitars and catchy harmonies. This particular song also features a rapper called Kuda. We don’t normally have rapping in our songs but we like to push our sound in different ways to highlight different sides of our character. Kuda’s great and I think it works really well!

It says here that you are all teachers. As a survivor of the Scottish educational system, I was wondering if every school was still required to have a couple of heavy-drinking maths teachers?

The schools that we work in are all very respectable and the teachers and support staff are actually very supportive of our music. In fact, we often bump into some of them at our gigs. Education is a very cool business to work in these days.

What's the funniest thing you've ever seen scratched into a school desk? If kids don't do this any more, just tell us an amusing school-related anecdote.

I was always a boring law abiding school pupil and I’m not a fan of vandalism so I’ve never scratched anything into a school desk. My brother once accidentally made chlorine gas in chemistry though which is way worse.

Do you have an earliest musical memory? Was there a record or act that made you think "I want to do this"?

My earliest musical memory is listening to classic pop songs in the car when my parents used to drive us to Butlins on holiday. I think those songs had a big effect on the type of music I write today. But the song that inspired me the most to want to write songs and play in a band was 'Undone (The Sweater Song)' by Weezer. I remember watching the video for that song and seeing a band that I could actually relate to. At the time, there were a lot of posers around but Weezer just looked like normal guys who were having fun and making great music.

What was your favorite album when you were 12? What was it when you were 16?

My favourite band when I was 12 were Silver Sun but, at the time, I hadn’t heard any of their albums. I loved 1977 by Ash though. That was an amazing album. When I was 16, it was probably The Blue Album by Weezer for the aforementioned reasons.

Can you remember the first song you ever wrote? Was it any good?

I remember it clearly…unfortunately. I’m not a formally trained musician so it took me a little while to get the hang of song writing. The first song I ever wrote was really basic and had no vocals. In actual fact, it was more of an idea than a song.

You've just played Wickerman - how did that go? Did the latitude cause you any issues?

Wickerman was a blast! We drove down overnight from another festival up north so we had no sleep before we took to the stage. Thankfully, enthusiasm within our band never dies and we had a great time. We stuck around to watch Dexy’s (as in Midnight Runners) playing 'Come on Eileen' for 15 minutes straight and then witnessed the burning of the Wickerman which was pretty spectacular.

Use the space below to pimp something BLP related. Be quick!

Please watch the video for our new single Without the Pain on YouTube.

Finally, what's the question we should've asked you today?

‘What’s the WORST thing about playing in Be Like Pablo?’ I guess you’ll never know…

‘Without The Pain’, feat. Kuda appears on the 26th August on Stray Cat Records.

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