Introducing Trail - Trail Interview

How long have the band been together and how did you meet?
Alex (lead guitar/keyboards) and I (Charlie - vocals) first met in 2007 and began casually developing ideas in my bedroom studio. Quite soon we felt we had a few songs worth gigging and so we decided to recruit Alex’s housemates Eireann (rhythm guitar) and Simon (Bass). In May ’07 a rough demo of our song “City” got us into the O2 Undiscovered final (from over 3000 entries) which put us on the bill at the Wireless festival in Hyde Park. The performance was awful but it definitely firmed up our commitment to the cause!

You are about to release your debut album ‘To The Rest of the World’. What’s the inspiration behind the record and what are your favorite tracks?
We’ve always preferred albums that take the listener through a variety of moods. We wanted our first collection of songs to cover our own development through late teens and early adulthood. A lot of them are written from a place of growth or intense emotion and we were strict about not having anything repeat itself. Each song is one of someone’s favorites! But I (Charlie) would have to say that the most satisfying one to perform and record was probably All Down. It roused feelings in me I never realised were there! Another one was Flare - that just magically came together in 2 takes (most of which we kept the rough versions of) and one I enjoy listening to a lot is To the Rest of the World as it just takes me somewhere peaceful and reflective.

You recorded your album in America with Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Maroon 5) How did that come about?
We have always been fans of Matt’s earlier work with FNM. When he brought out the Maroon 5 record (Songs About Jane) we knew he was very versatile and clearly didn’t have a problem going in any direction a song might need. Since ours are quite diverse we thought he would be a good man to approach. Luckily he loved the material and agreed to work with our budget, which was (even for and indie) much lower than he's used to. Recording with him in LA and meeting all the ‘pros’ was a real landmark for us and gave us huge inspiration to up our game when we got back.

How would you describe the band’s sound and what are your influences?
We all have different influences which really helps to take ideas in unexpected directions. We generally look at writing on a per song basis though (rather than in any one style) and while one song might have say a rocky Foo Fighters or Muse feel to it the next may come out reminding you of Elbow or Water Boys. We always try to cover new ground and never repeat ourselves - or others!

What are your hopes for the future?
We hope the album is well received. Early reports are good, people say it’s well-loved and gets played as much as any of the latest chart hits. We want to spread it far and wide and play as many gigs as we can and just grow our fanbase ahead of our next release, which we’re writing for at the moment.

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