Introducing: The Tuts

All female, all-feminist trio The Tuts will take your “girl-band” stereotypes and pulverise them into a blender. On the menu this month is debut Update Your Brain, which promises to serve up one of the most blisteringly energetic slabs of pop punk this year. TMF spoke to Nadia (guitar/vocals), Harriet (bass) and Beverley (drums) about bants, Brexit, and (vegan chicken) balls…

Congrats on smashing your crowdfunding target! Do you ever feel pressure to deliver when people commit their cash ahead of release?
Nadia: I feel the pressure to deliver for myself in terms of press, social media hype, engagement and positive feedback. I know our album will deliver, it’s just about getting it out to as many people as possible and making people aware of it that puts pressure on me. I worry that people aren’t aware of what’s going on with The Tuts, I’m insecure, therefore make sure that I do a proper job of social media. I feel like our fans get what we stand for so I don’t feel pressure from them, we have a good relationship with our fans, we love them! The only pressure is the pressure we put on ourselves. We’re executing the launch of this album as perfectly as we can. We're working day and night to ensure we have enough press backing. Sometimes we can be harsh on ourselves but we’re a band, write our own songs, drive ourselves to our own gigs, do our own social media, pledge updates, press, PR, record label stuff…we do everything that a label would normally do for you.

Harriet: Yes! We always feel a level of pressure with anything we put out there but it only motivates us more knowing we WANT to deliver the best we can. But like Bev said we know they'll be receiving something amazing at the end as we are perfectionists!

Beverley: No not really because we know they're gonna get an amazing piece of art at the end of this.

Your debut album Update Your Brain is out on 8th September. Where should we have our first listen, and what are we drinking?

N: You should listen on our Bandcamp page, Spotify, iTunes, etc. We’ve already released ‘Let Go Of The Past’, which has the best video in history, it’s very Charlotte Hatherley. And someone’s leaked 'Rudie Can’t Fail' online, which was supposed to be a Pledge exclusive.

H: If you pledge you of course get to hear it first! Put it on in your bedroom and dance around. Preferred drink of choice: bubble tea. Try not to inhale the tapioca from pure joy.

B: OMG IN THE CAR drinking cream soda.

Who came up with your name, and what's the story around it?
N: Back at school there was a concert called Rock 4 Charity we entered and were due to perform The Libertines and Muse ‘Plug In Baby’. We didn’t have a name and went through various names like ‘Voodoo Skunk’, ‘The Ways’ and ‘The Checkers’, but being indecisive we couldn’t think of a name that we could settle on. There was this boy called Pav Tut, he hated us but in sixth form things changed and he started to warm towards us. Anyway, our music teacher approached us and said she needed a name for us for this school concert, as a joke I said The Tuts and she wrote it down. I told her it was a joke but she said she liked it and it’s stuck ever since. So basically it was an accidental joke that just stuck with us.

B: That boy doesn’t hate us any more though.

Your live shows are quickly gaining you a fierce on-stage reputation. Is there anything better than performing live?
N: Being at the merch table and getting mobbed. Love being in the studio, that’s where the magic happens and where you can smoke weed and piss off your producer.

H: We overdose on adrenaline at our live shows. So they're always out of control. Anything better than performing live? Bantz at the merch table after.

B: Recording, I love recording- getting your songs to the studio is the best feeling. We had an amazing time recording this album. We did the album in Devon, and it was really nice not being in London. The fresh air, waking up with each other. It’s hard work, but you find that you push yourself and you give it everything you’ve got to make it perfect.

If you had a limitless budget for your rider, what three items would be on it? Anything goes…

H: Vegan roast dinner, vegan milkshakes and a bed.

B: Vegan chicken balls from Lovin Hut.

Let's get political for a minute. How do you think Brexit is going to impact the music industry? Is it too early to worry?
N: I hope it doesn’t fuck it up in terms of bands touring. I hope the rise in hate crimes stops and it makes people realise how fucking special The Tuts are cos we’re 3-tone political punk pussy power bitches.

H: Most people who voted to leave, didn't know what they were voting for. That's not their fault but a lack of political education in this country and an intention to keep the general public misinformed and confused. It will probably affect our touring round Europe, which sucks. But the worst thing it's done so far is validate ignorant racists.

B: It’s something that did concern us. How will this affect us going on tour... but like you said it’s a bit too early to tell really.

What advice would you give to girls who watch you play and think "yeah, I'd love to do that, but I have no idea where to start”?
N: Fuck what everyone thinks, believe in yourself and your energy will speak for itself. Be personal and use your songs as a way to reach out and open up. You never know there could be a young girl listening, totally inspired and empowered by you, that’s good enough!

H: The Internet is your oyster. You can find so much on there. Guitar tabs, YouTube tutorials, inspirational interviews and live performances. How to record yourself simply onto your laptop. Use this to your advantage. But keep going to see live bands when you can and carry a notebook for ideas everywhere with you.

B: The thing about being young is you have nothing to fear really, and you have nothing to lose.This is your time to try as many things out as you like. I remember starting this band with Nadia, there was no ‘this is what we’re gonna to do and how we’re gonna do it’. It just happened. The first thing you need to do though is think of what
instrument you want to play. Then try and find like minded people like yourself who want to start a band.

Finally, what question do you wish we'd asked you today?
N: Why can’t men handle a brown woman with bants?

H: Do you believe in ghosts?

B: I think these questions were lovely, but you could have asked who would you love to work with.

Update Your Brain is out September 8th and available in all the usual places.

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