Introducing the Music team...

The Digital Fix is a massive team effort, with specialist contributors manning every section of the site. We thought it was time you got to know a little bit more about each of the writers across all of the sections of the site.

Here's the team that brings you our Music section.

imageDouglas Baptie - Editor
After too many years in the trenches, Douglas was elevated to the position of Editor in 2011. Pretty much everything you need to know about him can be learned by a spin of The Damned's Black Album and a screening of Twin Peaks. With a fondness for punk, 60s girl groups and soul (with occasional side salads of indie pop), if your records are longer than 2m 50s, you're probably wasting each other's time. For general editorial questions, drop him a line via the TMF contact email.
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imageIan Sandwell - Assistant Editor
It's taken three years but I've finally gained power round these parts. Tremble in front of the might of the Assistant Editor. Generally focussed more on the indie side of affairs but for any of you PRs out there, note that I'm likely to go critically easier on quirky female singer-songwriters. But hey, we all have our weaknesses.
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imageColin Polonowski - The Digital Fix Publisher
As the publisher of The Digital Fix, I manage the day-to-day direction of all areas of the site, from the content sections right through the forums. I am also the technical lead which means I ensure everything works as expected and any software changes are coded by my own hands! I occasionally contribute to all areas, but in general leave the specific area management to the people who know what they're doing. I am the main contact point for anyone who wants to discuss advertising, licensing, syndication and anything else at a business-level.
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imageCharlotte Davies
As one of The Music Fix’s newest recruits, I spent three years working in music PR and now enjoy the other side of the industry by reviewing albums and gigs. I have wide ranging music tastes – classic Motown tracks, indie, dance and a healthy dose of pop: anything with a good beat and interesting lyrics catches my attention. Outside of music, I enjoy playing tennis and have started kung fu lessons.
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imageDominic Hemy
The team's resident oddball (he takes offence to the term "village idiot", favouring “geek”) with an unhealthy love of the weird and wonderful end of the musical spectrum and an intense dislike of copycats. Dabbles in the psychedelic and folk for relaxing times, but prefers it loud, strange, and preferably with an average song length in the twenties. Dominic doesn't do singles, and argues at every opportunity for the integrity of the artistic vision and purity of the album as one complete work of art.
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imageFreddy Palmer
While I’m usually found pursuing the dark and heavy side of TMF’s broad coverage, I do like to take in the odd bit of folk and electronica on the way just to keep things exciting. Enjoy nothing better than fine ale and some beardy prog-rock, a habit which belies my position as one of the younger members of the team. I also like cheese, so if anyone wants to send me some that would be grand.
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imageGary K
Leaves the garret on occasion to sample the thrills and spills of Manchester's dingiest basements. Artful noisenik mavericks and broken-hearted troubadours a speciality (though I can fake an honest appraisal of just about anything.) Career high: once reviewed a Bolan retrospective using only emoticons. If you try hard enough (and I'm working on it), you can convince yourself the record is actually about your review and not, as they'd have you believe, the other way round.
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imageGreg Belton
Despite being a seasoned gig goer for over three decades I’m a recent convert to writing about music. My tastes have seen seismic shifts over the years and now take in punk, indie, goth, metal, Americana and anything else with a nice tune. A not too secret penchant for the work of Nick Cave will probably be reflected in the amount of his music I own. All plaudits greatly welcome; all criticism can be filed directly in the bin.
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imageJohn Donnelly
It would seem inappropriate to boast that I’m one of TMF’s longest serving members of staff, so I will. Music taste tends towards the dance and electronic end of the spectrum, but I’ll give most things a fair chance. Off duty, I enjoy films (mainly of the arty-farty or horror variety), food/drink, the occasional bout of raving and, more age appropriately perhaps, gardening and foraging in the wilderness.
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imageJustine Sutton
One of TMF’s resident photographers can usually be found in the deep dark depths of London covering the more rock & metal side of things, with the occasionally pop act thrown in for variation. When Justine is not photographing rock stars, she is photographing gorgeous models, or at home geeking out on her Xbox or on the Internet. She is hard to miss at gigs with her purple hair, so look out in the pit and say ‘hi’.
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imageLuke McNaney
On board the TMF train since 2005 - choo choo! Predisposition towards girls who play guitars/piano/tin cans. Fond of dogs, reading and funny words. Not so fond of arachnids, speaking and the word ‘pouch’. I’m open to all genres of music but if something’s just plain boring, it can go and play somewhere else; besides that, I’m easy and pretty much sorted for E’s and wizz. Please like me. Bye.
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imageMike Gray
One of TMF's in-house photographers, Mike is normally to be found in the pit for the first three in Manchester's delightful concert venues. When he's at home, it's all about singer/songwriters, and a bit of pop. But mostly, ignore the text, just look at the pretty pictures.
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imageOlivia Schaff
I have been writing for The Music Fix for over two years and if anything I have become even more a music junkie than before. I am not happy unless I’m waiting in line for a gig and be it a rock band or a folk band, you will always find me at the barrier. My home is Manchester and wherever my favourite band are playing.
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