Introducing: The Erised

Hello The Erised, first up, introduce yourselves to our lovely readers.
Daniel: The Erised - it is an alternative pop band from Ukraine. I take care of production and sometimes, live bass guitar. Igor is on guitar, Alex on drums and Sonya is our singer.

How did things get started for you?
Daniel: I met Igor in 2012 at some random party in Kiev but we were already aware of each other via online music. In 2014 we were collaborating and had the idea to record vocals for our track. It was a totally new style of music for us - so very exciting.

So, tell us about the new album.
Daniel: Our album is really varied but has a running theme - at times it was tough to nail the concept. Big thanks to Tom, Tony and Chris at Med School / Hospital for guiding us through the process.

Sonya: If you’re expecting positive and relaxing vibes from the beginning of album, you’re making a big mistake. It's full of emotion that keeps growing and growing - it's something you need to listen to all the way through.

What have you been listening to that finds its way into your music?
I:Me and Daniel listened to a lot of metal when I used to visit his home studio. Metal + coffee is a great combination!

Sasha: I've love Jazz & Hip Hop.

What’s your approach to songwriting?
Sasha: We like to combine different genres - there are a number of tracks on the album that pull in a lot of styles which allow the tracks to develop nicely and not be so predictable.

Touring. Everyone has to do it, right? So what do you hate?
Sonya: When I’m touring in the bus or plane I really need to have a rest before the gig. I hate feeling sleepy on stage!

Igor: I hate looong soundchecks.

And love?
Sasha: I like good sound in my monitors on the stage.

Daniel: Same thing. Also - I like to perform in the small clubs with audience in front of you, face to face.

And following that, where’s the strangest place you’ve played live?
I: Before I was is in The Erised I was in another band. We were playing in a small pub with a small stage 2x2m, near the toilet room.

Festival season is coming up, are you playing any festivals this year?
Sasha: Yes. We got 3 festivals here in Ukraine. Also we’ve been invited to Hospitality in the Park. It’s gonna be on 24th of September. We’re looking forward to join this gig, and we’re really excited to visit London for the first time.

Are you excited for the rest of 2016? How do you see it playing out for you?
Sonya: We have some plans for our first concept video + we're planning a tour of Ukraine at the end of Autumn. A lot of work to do so we are really excited.

Is there a style of music you don’t like?
Daniel: Karaoke music
Ig: Jump up
Sonya: J-Pop

What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?
Ig: What is my favourite food?
Daniel: Why “The Erised”?

Finally, how do you take your coffee? (Or alcohol?)
Sonya: With a nice piece of pie
Ig & Daniel: It has to be damn good!
Sasha: Alcohol with coffee.

The Erised's debut a;bum is out now and available where you can buy music.

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