Introducing Nephu Huzzband

The latest band to arrive on The Music Fix's radar and perk our interest is Nephu Huzzband and they arrive in an orchestra of noise, in a good way, not just a simple tap on the shoulder.

After a whirlwind 2008, where they were nominated for Best Live Album at the inaugural Music Producers Guild Awards and received support from the likes of BBC DJs George Lamb and Huw Stephens, the band are set to release their debut album Elementary next week. A review of the album by fellow Music Fixer Greg Belton can be found here.

Guitarist Adam Popple and drummer Rob Challinor spent a few minutes of their time to give us an insight into how the Nephu Huzzband mind ticks.

What's your earliest musical memory?

Rob - Burnt Weeny Sandwich by Frank Zappa, thanks to my dad. A record I still love to this day.
Adam - My earliest musical memory would have to be my dad playing me a few Offspring tracks. They're pretty much the reason why I got into music and decided to take up the guitar.

If you could hold a recording session with any five artists, who would you choose?

Adam - I would hold a session with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez [lead guitarist of The Mars Volta], Owen Pallett [composer who wrote for Arcade Fire], Conrad Keely [lead guitarist of ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead], Todd Weinstock [former guitarist of Glassjaw] and Mike Einziger [lead guitarist of Incubus].

You want to describe your music to a stranger on the street, who would you compare yourself to?

Rob - Post-punk? Post-hardcore, Indie? We don't like to pigeon-hole. I usually just tell them we are loud, we are fast and we make music we love.
Adam - I tend to describe us and a blend between At The Drive-in and ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead.

You are going to live on a desert island for a year, which albums do you take with you?

Rob - The Best Of Desert Island Discs.
Adam - At The Drive-in's in/casino/out, Cancer Bats' Hail Destroyer and These Arms Are Snakes' Tail Swallower and Dove.

Everyone has a defining music moment, one that lives on in the memory, what is yours?

Rob - Listening to Black Flag in the van after gigs when we're on a high. Windows down, screaming along. What larks.
Adam - Seeing The Mars Volta, absolutely blew me away.

What is the best gig you've ever been to and why?

Rob - The best gig I could have been to but didn't was The Jesus Lizard in Amsterdam. Unfortunately we forgot.
Adam - I'm really not sure. It would be a toss up between The Mars Volta, Tool, These Arms Are Snakes and ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead.

If we were to look at your MP3 player, what is the most embarrassing track or album that we'd find?

Rob - You wouldn't, it's knackered. However, it would be 'Don't You Forget About Me' by Simple Minds. I love it, don't ask me why, "as you walk on byy..."
Adam - Out of my entire record collection, the most embarrassing thing you'd find would probably be my John Dowland Collection of Lute Works, or perhaps my collection of Bach Cello Suites, or my prized possession being my cycle of Beethoven's Symphonies performed by the Berlin Philharmonic and conducted by Herbert von Karajan. All beautiful recordings of beautiful music. It's not embarrassing.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Rob - If only it was that easy!
Adam - Five years older!

How would you describe your debut album, Elementary, to us?

Rob - A record that collates our work over the past year or so with a couple of oldies thrown in for good measure. I'm proud of it. I'd highly recommend that your readers come to our live performances to find out what we're really about.
Adam - The best of Nephu Huzzband so far....with more to come.

What's next for Nephu Huzzband?

Rob - Gigs and gigs currently. If any promoters out there would be interested in putting us on, we'd be more than happy to play for you. The Huzzband bus is on tour!

Elementary is released on October 5th. For more information on Nephu Huzzband, visit their My Space.

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