Introducing: Mickey Gang

Hey Mickey Gang, welcome to The Music Fix, it’s great to have you over here in London so why don’t you grab yourselves a tub of jellied eels and introduce yourselves to our readers.

Hello! We are Mickey Gang! Arthur/Bruno/Ricardo/Joao

So, from The Smith to the Spice Girls, London has loomed large over popular music - what are you most looking forward to as you touch down in the English Capital?

Blur, definitely! (Er Blur? London? - Confused Ed)

Ok, while we're dragging Alex from his farm lets talk about the livestock. Your latest single proclaims that 'Horses Can't Dance'. We’ll take your word for it, but which animals do you imagine would throw the best shapes on the dancefloor?

I think monkeys would go well, dolphins also can do great moves.

Talking of monkeys, you've been labeled as heirs to the Strokes. Is that accurate and is it a help or a hindrance? How would you personally describe what you're doing?

We take it as a honor, but I think it’s a kind of a feeling thing, isn’t it? I don’t think we are up for doing a revival of anything, we like music that makes sense to us and we make the music we'd like to hear on the radio.

Man, have you heard the radio over here these days? It’s 2009 and music is in dire need of a shake up. We’ve heard that you are serious guys and so we are counting on you to do your duty - what's your manifesto to conquer the world of pop?

I just think it’s time for our generation to take what is ours, now. I’m not sure if we are the right people to do it, but I tell you, that is what we are trying to do.

We wish you well lads, but if you hadn't got together and formed a band what would each of you be doing back in Colatina today?

We finished school last year so we would be working half days as waiters or something and trying to get into the college.

College eh? You are really missing out on that geek lifestyle so here's an opportunity to play at being nerdy college kids. If you were handed the opportunity to curate your own ATP event who would be the first 4 bands you'd invite to play?

Blur, Metronomy, No Doubt and 3Oh!3

Smart! Sort me out a +1 for that one. Ok, so what were the first records you each bought?

Nirvana - Nevermind, Blink 182 - Enema of the state, Beastie Boys - III Communication, Green Day - Dookie

This is no reflection on that last answer but what is the most cringe worthy track that you just can't bring yourself to delete from your i-pod?

Almost all the tracks I have on my I-pod are cringe worthy, but I think I like Flo Rida's Right Round.

Ok, I can see you are itching to get out and hang out with Damon and Alex but before you go, we just heard that new environmental legislation means that for every new album released in future the master tapes of a previously released album have to be wiped and recycled. When you release your album, which past classic would you choose to destroy the master tape of?

Anything by Beatles, probably.

and on that bombshell...

Mickey Gang are currently in the middle of a 5 date tour of London to promote their 'Horses Can't Dance' single on the 50 Bones label.

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