Introducing - Limozine

Flame-haired screeching banshees getting you down? Songs dripping with strings, synths and pretension doing your head in? Whatever happened to a guitar, four chords and booze-filled vocals screaming about life, chicks and kicks you ask? Well, Limozine have the answers to that - and the Jagermeister.

How was your Christmas? Was Santa good to you?

Limozine played at a friends Christmas party. There was this girl dressed as Santa handing out free bottles of Jagermeister. It was a good Christmas.

Your music harkens back to a simpler time in music: fours chords, blood, sweat and tears. Do you think Rock and Roll is too complicated now? Too PC?

Whatever a band sounds like it's all about attitude. You can play two chords or twenty chords if rock n roll is in your blood.

How do you approach recording your music? Are the songs already fully formed or do you hash them out in the studio?

The lyrics and a few riffs are always written. Our first two albums took eight days each to record and mix. Set up the band. Set up the bar. Press record.

Your song ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ reminds me of ‘Rock and Roll High School’ but with Dee Dee on the vocals instead. How much of an inspiration are The Ramones for you.

On ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ The Ramones are a big inspiration. Dee Dee on vocals...I like that. No one sings as good Joey.

What do you think of the current music scene? Do you feel like you belong, or like you crashed some weird party?

There are a lot of great new bands out there: Boozed, The Snakes, B-Movie Vampires, Hong Kong Blood Opera, Sandals of Majesty. Now that would be a party.

What does the new year hold for the band? Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

We’re gonna start recording the third album with producer Paul Sampson. The songs are written we’re just waiting for a couple of bottles of Casa Dragones Tequila to arrive from Mexico.

Limozine's new album Evil Love will be released April 5th on Open Plane Records.

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