Introducing: Kelvin Jones

Hey Kelvin, can you introduce yourself to our mighty readership?
Hey! I'm Kelvin Jones and I'm a musician. I make noise and some people call it art!

How’s 2016 going for you so far?
So year of my life. It sounds cliche, but in all honesty, that's simply what it's been. I've really discovered a new level of happiness...okay maybe that is a little cheesy... !

Tell me a bit about getting to your debut record?
I was really very fortunate to get a chance to make a record through Sony after a song of mine went viral last year and I signed with them. So I went to Berlin for five weeks, locked myself in a room along with three talented guys, and we made a record!

What was your process for writing and recording it?
I spent about five months writing songs, really just figuring it out while I was going. After not too long, I had about 50 songs to choose from, so I sat down with the label and we picked our favourite sixteen. When recording the album, I wanted to do it in the style that all my favourite albums were recorded. So in true blues fashion, there's a tonne of live organic elements that make up the record, which I think gives it some real life.

What’s the one song on the album that best represents you in 2016?
I suppose I would say 'Stop The Moment'. When I wrote the song, it was more like a goal than anything, a goal to learn how to stop the moment. This year I feel I've really made great strides towards living the idea of stopping the moment, just appreciating the little things, appreciating life! I'm really very grateful to be where I am and to get to do what I do.

Why do you think you’ve had so much success in Europe?
If I'm completely honest, I have NO idea! I've just written some songs and tried to be as honest as I could be and people have, thankfully, connected with that. I really think that honesty plays a large part in it. Meaning that I write about things that I feel, not something that I think will work well, and so when I sing it on stage, it feels that way. At least I hope...

Touring; what’s the toughest thing about it, and what makes it all worthwhile?
The toughest part of touring is off stage. It's trying to keep your life going in a time when there's not much opportunity for that. Missing my family and friends and them missing me. But I love it SO much that it's a bit of a breeze. I wouldn't want to live on the road, but it's without a doubt the best way to do a show. Everyone's there for you, everyone's there for music, it's just perfect.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve played live?
I played in a tree house a week ago, I think that takes the cake.

You’ve got some festival dates coming up, do you enjoy playing festivals?
I LOVE them! So much fun! I just played one recently which was probably the best show of my life. There's just so many people giving you love and just being happy together, it's madness in the best way.

Do you get the chance to see any other acts, or is it in and out?
I always try to see at least a couple of other acts at a festival. There's never much time but whenever I get the chance I go for it.

What do you think makes the UK festival scene so great?
Quite simply put: the quality. The quality of live acts in the UK is just unbelievable. That, coupled with the English "we're gonna have fun no matter what the weather" attitude, make for some epic festivals.

Social media: pain in the butt or vital to artists in 2016?
A bit of both really. When you're in the middle of writing and just need to focus on the song, it can be a little irritating to have to pause to put something on social media. But conversely, when you're promoting a show or something, there's just no better way than social media.

You’re from Stevenage, can you describe the town for anyone who’s not familiar.
Haha yeah I guess so. Being situated quite close to London makes it a vaguely busy place, but it's far enough away that I can just go home and have some peace. I really love it. Not a lot of people from Stevenage actually like it, but that's expected.

What’s the one song you couldn’t never listen to again?
'Slow Dancing In A Burning Room' by John Mayer. The live version from his album Where The Light Is. Listen to it yourself and that will be all the explanation you'll need! do you take your coffee?
I hate coffee! Can't deal with it. Makes me crazy excited for 10 minutes then brings me down for the rest of the day! So no coffee for me!

Kelvin's album Stop The Moment is available at all online music stores and some of the bigger bricks buildings where you can purchase CD and vinyl. Or stream it. For more information on the man and any live dates visit his website.

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