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Every once in a while, a young artist comes along that has a good voice, impeccable musical style or thoughtful, well measured lyrics. Even more rarely, one may stumble across an artist who possesses all three of these. Josephine is one of these artists.

A modern day Northern troubadour, whose sometimes melancholy, always thought provoking musings breathe fresh life into the concept of ‘guitar music’, the young singer looks set to follow in the footsteps of soul revivalists of recent years – after acts from Amy Winehouse to Duffy and Adele having enjoyed the limelight, Josephine seems to be their logical predecessor.

With her debut album already recorded, and EP ‘I Think It Was Love’ set for release on July 26th, she caught up with The Music Fix to give us an insight into the effect her hometown has had upon her work, her favourite artists, and what’s in the pipeline.

Hi Josephine! Would you mind introducing yourself?

Hi, well, I’m Josephine – just Josephine now; Josephine from Manchester!

How would you describe your music to someone who hadn’t heard it before?

It’s kind of a mixture of folk, indie, pop, and guitar stuff, you know.

What are your main influences?

I’ve got a lot of influences, really – Dylan, Fela Kuti, Odetta; people like that.

Did you have a musical upbringing?

Yeah, pretty much. We listened to a lot of music at home, again, a lot of eighties stuff, a lot of Bob Marley.

How has growing up in Manchester shaped your sound?

I’m not sure really, I mean – I listen to a lot of music, from all over. I listen to a lot of American indie stuff, Green Day and Nirvana, and stuff like that. But I do listen to some Manchester stuff as well, The Smiths and just a lot of guitar stuff, really. So I guess Manchester is a big influence, because it is well known for that kind of thing.

You’ve been praised by high profile figures such as Ed Harcourt – how does it feel, knowing that you have secured such great endorsements?

Yeah, it’s alright. I try and get on with things. It’s nice to have people say good things about you though, that’s always nice.

What has the highlight of your career so far been?

Probably recording the album, that’s probably the best thing, because that’s kind of the aim – to get things down, get things recorded, and that can take time. So yeah – that’s my highlight.

Which contemporary artists do you like to listen to?

I love St Vincent, I love The Temper Trap, Vampire Weekend, a bit of Joanna Newsom. There’s a lot of really good stuff at the moment actually.

Are there any artists you’d aspire to work with?

I’m not sure, actually. I’d love to work with Iron and Wine, or St. Vincent would be a good one as well. PJ Harvey. There are some really strong songwriters out there.

Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming EP, ‘I Think It Was Love’?

It’s just a three track thing that I’m putting out on the 26th of July, and it’s basically just some really simple stuff, with a really nice message. It just has some different songs, from different parts of my career, on one EP. We’re just getting it out there, before the album.

What’s next for Josephine?

Getting the album out there, really, and hopefully touring more. I’m gigging a bit at the moment. Just increasing the live stuff, with the new band.

Finally, do you have anything you’d like to say to our readers on The Music Fix?

Just to download the EP on the 26th of July!

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