Introducing: Flamboyant Bella

Flamboyant Bella make unabashed uplifting pop music about alcohol and sex. We wanted to find out more...

Hi, thanks for sparing some time to talk to The Music Fix…What's your earliest musical memory?

Definitely, my mum driving myself and my two sister to the seaside for a holiday, listening and singing along to The Gipsy Kings

You want to describe your music to a stranger on the street, who or what would you compare yourself to?

We've been compared to Lily Allen and Alphabeat, except we have the advantage of real instruments.

In order to ease the pressures of urban crowding you have been selected for relocation to live on a desert island for a year. You can take one album, one book and one DVD to keep you amused. What will you be packing?

One album- Stevie Wonder's 'Songs in the Key of Life'... that's a double disk, am I still allowed? One book- any book that has enough pages in to keep my camp fire going for a while, and I wouldn't bother with the dvd if I couldn't have a dvd player...

What was the most exciting gig you've seen?

Probably Sigur Ros at Latitude 08. I'm a huge fan of their stuff and that just blew my socks straight off!

And what’s the most memorable gig you’ve performed?

Probably the first time we sold out Newcastle academy 2. The entire room was shaking- I didn't know whether to be frightened or just get on with it, but it was bloody brilliant!

If you could curate your own ATP festival with any five artists, who would you choose?

Faith No More's a given. Then Peeping Tom, then Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, and Kunt and the Gang's been brilliant everytime i've seen him.

What is the most cringe worthy track that you just can't bring yourself to delete from your i-pod?

'Fairground'- Simply Red

Well, that's certainly cringeworthy, I'll give you that Sunshine. Lets move on...It’s 2009 and music is in dire need of a shake up. We’ve heard that you could help change that and so we are counting on you to do your duty - what's your manifesto to conquer the world of pop?

Force everyone to listen to Tina Turner forever. If Flamboyant Bella ever got into politics, we'd probably go all dictatorship on yo asses.

We just heard that new environmental legislation means that for every new album released in future the master tapes of a previously released album have to be wiped and recycled. When you release your album, which past classic would you choose to destroy the master tape of?

Any Cradle of Filth- I've never approved of their make-up techniques

What's next for Flamboyant Bella?
Make a few videos, release a few singles, and go eat some breakfast, I'm starving!

Why not catch Flamboyant Bella on their current UK tour and help fund their quest for breakfast by picking up an exclusive, 'tour only' copy of their Us Kids album. Remaining dates are:

23 Oct 2009 20:00
Students Union (Ulive Tour w/ Kid British - 18+) Reading
24 Oct 2009 20:00
The Shed Leicester
25 Oct 2009 20:00
The Waterfront (Ulive Tour w/ Kid British - 14+) Norwich
27 Oct 2009 20:00
Surrey Students Union (Ulive Tour w/ Kid British - 14+) Guildford
31 Oct 2009 20:00
Bucks Student Union (Ulive Tour w/ Kid British - 18+) Wycombe
23 Nov 2009 20:00
The Garage London
28 Nov 2009 14:00
Remix - Under 18’s show. Hitchin
28 Nov 2009 20:00
Remix - 16+ Show Hitchin

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