Introducing: Dirty Heads

Now you might take us to task over introducing a band on their fifth album but alternative five piece Dirty Heads are keen to bring their Californian-tinged sound to brighten up our gloomy British shores. Made up of Jared Watson (vocals), Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell (vocals/guitar), Jon Olazabal (percussion), Matt Ochoa (drums) and David Foral (bass), the Cali-reggae/rock/popsters released their self titled album earlier this year. We spoke to David about what’s coming up in 2017 for the group. Just don’t forget to bring the puppies…

Hello, Dirty Heads! So what’s that band name all about?
It was a lyric in one of the first songs that Jared and Duddy wrote together. This was back before they had a band name. It stuck…big time.

Where did you all meet? Have your relationships with each other changed much over the five albums?
I met the guys while playing in another band. We both played a few shows with each other before I ended up leaving my old group. When I got a call from Duddy asking if I wanted to come and try out for the group I said “Of course.” Eight years later we’re still rockin’.

You’re doing well in the States, but we’re feeling a bit neglected over here across the pond. How are you going to make it up to us? Any big 2017 plans?
We would obviously like to get out to as many countries as possible. I think we’re actually starting to focus on overseas markets more. The last time we played in the UK we had a blast. Hopefully we’ll be over there again this year.

What’s the feeling like in California at the moment, given certain current political events? Your music is versatile enough to pacify those angry at the outcome of the election, and soundtrack the celebrations over legalising marijuana- is it a good time to be writing music?
There have been some citizens protesting the election outcome but I feel like everyone should be able to express themselves in a peaceful manner. As a general rule we stay out of the political scene as much as possible. And yes! There have been many celebrations over the legalization of weed. This has been long overdue.

Which of your tracks is the best introduction to what Dirty Heads represent?
If there was one song that you can listen to that sums up our vibe it would have to be 'Cabin by the Sea'. Navigating this world is hard enough. We’d like to present listeners with a soundtrack for decompression.

You’re lined up to play the biggest show of your career to date. An hour before showtime, Jared loses his voice. The crowd is getting restless, chanting for you to start. You’re given a free pass to replace him with any vocalist (dead or alive) to cover your backs, who do you choose?
No doubt it would be Freddie Mercury.

If you had a limitless budget for your rider, what three items would be on it? Anything goes…
That sounds a bit indulgent. I think we’re fine with what we typically get. A nice bottle of liquor, veggie options and non-sugar drinks. But… a box of puppies would always be welcomed.

Finally- what question do you wish we'd asked you today?
Why are the Raiders so awesome?

Dirty Heads self titled fifth album is available now at all the usual outlets. Or stream from Tidal below.

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