Introducing: Avante Black

Hey Ottilia, how’s things?
A bit jaded from last night’s show but very happy with the outcome and that I'm currently in bed watching Planet Earth 2.

First up, can you introduce yourself to The Music Fix readers?
Yeah definitely. I'm a Swedish singer songwriter. I love Leonard Cohen, Charles Bukowski and Lord of the rings. I've lived in London for a few years and loving it here. My favourite thing to do is hanging with my friends, go to gigs and write songs. London is such a good city for all those things.

How did Avante Black come together?
I had written some songs and wanted to move from acoustic to full band. I asked my friend Dean who had been playing drums for my friend Liam's band various cruelties to join the project. Later I picked up Emil from seeing that he was playing guitar on his profile pic. We started off just drums guitar and vocals sounded great (in our imagination ) for four months till we found gabs and we slowly started to sound decent!

Tell us about ‘Drug Money’.
I think everyone who's lived and worked in this city are familiar with the constant struggle of long hours, low pay and crazy high rents. There's barely any time left for all these things we'd like to do. And I think this is why some people turn to illegal activities such as selling drugs. It’s just a little quirky way of objecting to what’s going on.

What have you been listening to that’s found its way into your music?
When I got introduced to 'Why do you feel' with Moodyman my way of writing took a big turn in this new amazing direction. I also love love love pop music like MO and Charli XCX. But a lot of inspiration, at the end of the day, dates back to Leonard Cohen.

What’s your approach to songwriting?
I like to create a mood with a few elements like a beat and a few chords. Later I try and figure out what I’d like to say in that very moment. I like to collect phrases and when I get a good one I create a story around it.

What was your best experience of 2016?
A lot changed for me at the beginning of the summer. I got out of a long relationship which was scary but I slowly learnt that I could get by very well on my own two feet. I have a tonne of amazing experiences like signing with PIAS and hearing my song on Radio 1 and in Sweden. However, i think this summer of feeling productive and writing all these new amazing songs with these incredible people has been the best long lasting experience of the year.

And what does 2017 hold for you?
Oh, i don’t know! Don’t know if I want to know. I’m ready for anything good or bad. I’m gonna try and be my best self and deliver the best music I can possibly deliver. Already got some gems I can’t wait for you all to hear!!

You’re pretty active on social media so my question is: pain in the butt or vital to artists in 2017?
A bit of both, I love sharing my stories on social media but of course that’s not always desirable for everyone. It’s up to each artist to decide for themselves. However, I think the judgement should lie in the art not in the amount of followers. Social media is a good way of spreading your creation but i’d like it to not be completely vital.

What was the reason for moving to London?
When I was 17 I got a Scholarship to go to the Swedish School in London so I spent a year of school over here. And when I had to go back to Sweden for a year I already had my ticket to go back after graduation. Had finally found home I guess.

What do you miss most about Sweden?
My mum’s minced moose burgers.

And least?
People who asks when I’ll grow up and become academic. #jantelagen

You’ve just played London in late 2016, how was the show?
The show was incredible! The crowd was insane and it was just a joy to play. We all had the best time. I step out of my skin on stage and don’t really know what is controlling me. It is a great and strange feeling.

We always like to check; is there a musical style you just don’t get?
I’ll probably get so many haters, I’ve tried but Grime just makes me really angry. Can’t help it wanna smash plates ha ha!

If you could only listen to one song this week, what would it be?
'All About You' - 2pac

What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?
Probably who’s my favorite character in Lord of The Rings: answer is Tom Bombadil

Finally, how do you take your coffee? (Or alcohol?)
Strong and black in a cafetiere with some crushed cardamon. Alcohol - tequila soda with fresh lime (bartenders drink)

Thanks so much for your time Ottilia.

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